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  • Coral Rumsey
    Dec 31, 2000
      From: "JANEK SCHAEFER" <Janek@...>
      Subject: Re: Robert Hampson/Main

      "MAIN is still alive as far as I know from Robert. He has been stuck without
      a proper studio for about a year now as his house has been totally gutted
      and rebuilt inside."

      Sorry to hear Bob the Builder has interfered with Bob the Musician - I've been scouring the web periodically since 'Firmament IV' (the last Main release) to find out what yer man was up to, so am relieved to hear that he hasn't thrown in the towel, which must be a temptation when you're doing excellent creative work that gets lumped in indifferently with hordes of faceless cultural-managers.

      "Also I'm trying to collect all the CD albums, so if anyone is selling or
      knows were I can get some cheap [second hand] or would like to swap etc then
      I would love to know. I have Deliquesence, Firmament 2, 3, 4 so far......."

      Fraid I wouldn't part with any of 'em, Janek - sorry. If cost is an issue try Gemm.com, or maybe Amazon zshops carry em 2nd-hand. If you're ever in Manchester try Vinyl Exchange on Oldham Street (Scally Alley).

      Never seen Main live - I believe gigs got more frequent when Robert was solo (after Scott's departure) using his M.A.S.S. set-up. Prior to that the duo was apparently augmented by various chums for their rare outings, but RH complained to 'Wire' mag that the necessary attention (and quiet) needed for their performances to blossom was more than their boozing, networking audiences could give.

      If I had to single one out from the Main catalogue as "you must hear" it would be 'Hz' (1995) containing as it does the other-worldly-this-worldy cell-level body-music of 'Haloform' and the stunning 'Terminus', where the eyes of the possessed somehow end up in a derelict railway tunnel listening to the dank walls' eerie whistling.

      Don't recall anyone mentioning 'Beginning And End, Interwoven' by Keiji Haino (solo) in the recent round-up - got this cheapo t'other week, and it's not bad. The only Fushitsusha I have is 'Withdrawe...', which I find rather overbearing. Is this an atypical date, or should I save my money? (Road Cone Mike's fulsome praise for PSF15/16 reawakened my interest in Fus)


      Simon Fay

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