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10170Re: [thewire] a Full Xmas Monty, anyone?

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  • Jim Flannery
    Nov 30, 2000
      Jess Harvell wrote:
      > I also remember a Butthole Surfer's Xmas 7" (pitched somewhere between their
      > gloriously stupid peak and their poretentiously stupid nadir) which, while I
      > don't remember being particularly good, was a lot of fun to drop
      > unsuspectingly admist the family Xmas morning or eve revelry...

      OK, so I'm a day behind on this list (flamewars elsewhere to laugh at) but ...
      *nobody* has mentioned Culturecide's "Depressed Chrismas"? Jeez, what a bunch a
      happywarts ...

      Jim Flannery newgrange@...

      "There are sounds which seem to pass through all the protective gates
      in the ear and reach into some nerve where the eschatology is stored."
      -- Norman Mailer
      np: Shadow Sampler 2000
      nr: Arturo Perez-Reverte, _The Club Dumas_
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