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P#X1/HN#4626/R#1417 - S. Rosso/R. Panzo - Replacement

OFF: It would seem to be the case that I am in need of a new XO. And for my first official act as captain of the Phoenix, I shall appoint one. ON: Sam looked
Jul 3, 2011

R # 1614 Check-Up (Vacta/Daphos)

OFF: I want to apologize to everyone for the huge lapse. In the present economy my husband lost his job nearly 2 yrs ago. As the MAIN bread winner it's made
Jun 25, 2011

R# 1613 - Visiting Main Engineering

[USS Phoenix - Main Engineering] Robert walked through the cavern that was main engineering, impressed by what he saw. The Ranger's executive officer's quick
Rick Souza
May 12, 2011

R# 1612 Panzo/Sanders: Lunch on the Phoenix

Robert wandered through the corridors on Deck 9 of the New USS. Phoenix. He ’d spent most of the morning on the new ship getting accustomed to the new
May 7, 2011

Post R# 1611 - VACTA/MUNRO - "Is it contagious?"

*OFF:* Thank you for the JP, Pam! It's great writing with you again! ^_^ The full title of this post is: R# 1611 - VACTA/MUNRO - "Is it contagious?" *ON:*
Danen K'agi Lrunin
May 3, 2011

(no subject)

Off: Getting things rolling. ON: [USS Ranger] Wearing his most comfortable pair of shorts and t-shirt, Robert stepped from the turbolift into the corridor on
Apr 29, 2011

R# 1609 / HN# 4622 - The New Boss

On: Cassandra Daphos hummed a tune as she walked
Danen K'agi Lrunin
Apr 21, 2011

R# 1608 - Castaneda - Computer...Lights

off: Thank you everyone! Please keep in touch! On: [Ranger:] Sam took one last look around at what had been her quarters aboard the Prometheus version of the
Apr 20, 2011

R# 1607 - Castaneda - Changes and Choices

[Center X II] Sam leaned forward on the wooden rail, looking out over the ocean front view their beach house. She could not argue that the amenities Center X
Mar 18, 2011

R# 1606 - DAPHOS/MUNRO - Get Some Rest

*OFF:* Full title of this post is "*R# 1606 - DAPHOS/MUNRO - Get Some Rest"*. Thank you for the JP, Maje! It feels great to be writing for Alex again. ^^ *ON:*
Danen K'agi Lrunin
Mar 14, 2011

HN 4620/R 1605 Building Rapport

OFF: Starting to build up the crews together. ON: [CenterX II] With her final paperwork and reports filed and on Sam's desk, Rayven had taken a rare break from
Robert Panzo
Mar 6, 2011

R#1604 - Panzo - Spreading the News

[OFF: Sorry Maje, wanted to get this up. Lemme know if you wanna try for a JP sometime this week(ish). Now, time to spread the news :-)] ON: USS Ranger -
Feb 21, 2011

HN#4618/R#1603 - S. Rosso/C. Daphos - New Orders

On: Camber had had a rough night. He wasn't really feeling up to this
Feb 15, 2011

R#1602 - Link Daven - On the Hunt

On: Link wandered through the CenterX complex looking for any indication he could of a "house of the
Dec 28, 2010

R#1601: Castaneda - But It's Fun!

Off: On the theme of our treasure hunt. ;) [[Center X II]] Sam smiled at the bar tender, who smiled back at her with a hopeful look beneath his pirate hat.
Dec 15, 2010
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