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"2 Corinthians 12:9 - Part 1" by Joseph Y. Lee

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    2 Corinthians 12:9 My Missions Trip to East Asia 2002 By Joseph Yosuk Lee Young Adult Life Part 1 It was May of 2001 when I lost my job as an electrical
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2006
      2 Corinthians 12:9
      "My Missions Trip to East Asia 2002"
      By Joseph Yosuk Lee

      "Young Adult Life"
      Part 1

      It was May of 2001 when I lost my job as an electrical
      engineer in Silicon Valley. It was a huge disappointment.
      They did not tell me why I was laid off. I had made many
      friends at Chrontel. I thought that God could use me to
      speak about my faith to my Chinese friends at Chrontel,
      but the Lord took my job away. I did not understand why
      I lost my job. I really felt that I could do some
      serious engineering work at Chrontel before I was laid
      off. I thought it was a mistake on part of Chrontel to
      lay me off when they had trained me to be a competent
      engineer. They just told me that I worked hard, I was
      a nice person, and I was a good physicist.

      I lost tremendous confidence in my abilities as an
      electrical engineer. At the time, I was having a number
      of interviews all over Silicon Valley. I received tons
      of phone calls from recruiters and human resources, and
      yet I was not able to land myself a job. Silicon Valley
      was having a recession during the middle of the year
      2001. People were getting laid off left and right. I
      knew six brothers at KCPC (Korean Central Presbyterian
      Church) in San Francisco who lost their jobs. Young
      Adult Ministry in Silicon Valley was having enough
      problems just to find enough time to come to church.
      And then they all had to struggle further to keep their
      jobs. So I prayed to the Lord that all of the Young
      Adults at KCPC who lost their jobs would find another
      job. Thus, the Lord answered my prayers, and they all
      found new jobs. I praised the Lord when all of my
      friends found other jobs.

      After I got rejected at a number of interviews, I
      started to pray to God honestly and yelled in my anger
      and frustration. I was dumping all of my problems and
      frustrations onto our Lord.

      "Lord, I am sick and tired of praying to You! I am
      tired of praying to You for every detail of my life!
      Why can’t You provide all of my needs so that I do
      not have to pray to You every time?! I am so
      frustrated with You, Lord! I am so tired of prayer!
      I felt like I have to pray to You because I know
      that I am weak and pitiful! Can You let me stop
      praying to You for every detail of my life! Why
      can’t You leave me alone?! Why can’t You save my
      father?! I am tired praying to You and am begging
      You to show mercy on me!"

      It was the end of August of 2001. I was going to
      have an interview with Boeing in Southern California.
      I really did not want to leave KCPC when the Boeing
      job would be located in Southern California, and I
      dumped all of my frustrations on the Lord again. I
      did not want to move down to Southern California,
      when I was starting to make some friends at KCPC.
      Even though I wanted to stay at KCPC, I prayed to
      the Lord that He would help me get the job at Boeing.
      Boeing was kind enough to rent a car for me from LAX
      for the interview. As I drove from LAX to Irvine, I
      wanted to see a sister in Christ who was a good
      friend to me. She is not a Korean or a Korean-
      American. Initially, I did not want a romantic
      relationship with her, as I had prayed for a Korean-
      speaking and English-speaking Christian wife. We had
      coffee together, and she was a good friend. She always
      remembered my birthday while other brothers have
      forgotten my own. I have decided not to care whether
      anyone remembers my birthday. I really did like her
      as a friend. After we chatted for an hour at the
      coffee shop at Irvine Marketplace, I went back to
      my grandmother’s home at Irvine. I slept for many
      hours before I had my interview with Boeing.

      It was a 6 to 7 hour interview. I was exhausted by
      the end of the 6th hour. It was a long and tough
      process. I used up so much of my energy trying to
      prove to the people at Boeing that I should get
      the job. I wanted to do my best during the interview,
      as I knew Pastor Ryan Kim had prayed so hard for me.
      I also wanted to be a good witness to my non-
      Christian father and mother by acting responsibly
      in terms of finding a job and being able to support
      myself. After the interview was over, I was relieved
      and drove directly to LAX to come home to San Jose.

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