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  • Farhan Noor
    Matt, There is just too much material to be quoted regarding Bibles modifications. But I ve learnt, you will never accept them. How funny you quote one rare
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      There is just too much material to be quoted regarding
      Bibles modifications. But I've learnt, you will never
      accept them. How funny you quote one rare incident,
      which nobody has even heard of and expect me to
      belief it. Anyway, the point of the email is as

      You say Jesus (AS) wanted to die on the cross for the
      redemption of mankind and for the forgiveness of their
      sins, right?

      Read Mathew 27:11-14-
      "And Jesus stood before the Governor: The governor
      asked him, saying, 'Art thou the King of the Jews!'
      And Jesus said unto him, 'Thou sayest': And when he
      was accused of (by) the chief priests and elders he
      asnwered nothing. Then said Pilate unto him. 'Hearest
      thou not how many things they witness against thee?"
      And he answered him never (to) a word..."

      Ok, matt.

      My questions
      1) why did he ask to turn away that cup from him (i.e.

      2) Why did he cry out while on the Cross (as you
      people asume): "O Lord, why hast Thou forsaken me?"
      Mathew: 27:46
      "Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, "Eli, Eli,
      lama sabachthani? (my God, my God, why hast thou
      forsaken Me?"

      3) How could Jesus (AS) have remained silent when the
      truth was being challenged? Was he not know for his
      soul-inspiring sermons, callenging the learned Jewish

      Isnt this the very foundantion of Christianiy (story
      of the cross)? Have I not shown you enough examples to
      discredit the story?

      I have a million other questions coming directly out
      of the three I have posted above.

      1) He wanted to die on the cross to save you people,
      right? Why did he cry out? Why did he say, why hast
      thou forsaken me? Excuse me, wasnt Jesus (AS) a god
      just a few emails back? Who was he talking to?
      etc etc.

      Regarding, why Muhammad (pbuh) will never return to
      Earth. To the best of my knowledge regarding this
      1) Why would he return? He completed his job
      successfully, passed away and he no undone business

      Regarding, why Jesus (AS) will return.. its all too
      Quran 4-159
      "... And on the Day of Resurrection, he (Jesus) will
      be a witness againt them (Christians)."

      Jesus (AS) will return to prove that he never was
      killed on the Cross. As you people believe. Jesus (AS)
      will destory the Cross, kill the pigs and abolish the
      Jizya and be victorious over Anti-Christ.

      Again, to prove he never was killed onthe Corss. I
      like to ask a few questions again. Based on Mathews
      and New Testament: Ask your priests to help you answer

      1) did those who captured Jesus (AS) know him in
      person? or did they notknow him?
      2) was it during day or duringnight that he was
      3) who was the one who directed them to him?
      4) Did he direct them freeof charge or for a fixed
      reward which they specified for him?
      5) What was the conditionof Jesus during that night?
      6) What was the condition of his eleven disciples?
      7) Was Jesus contended with their condition? (Mathew
      8) Did they help him when those ruffians captured him?
      9) Did Jesus (AS) had confidence in his disciples that
      10) How did those ruffians captured him?
      11) Who finally decided to pass the death sentence
      against him?
      12) When the ruffians brought that man before the
      governor and informed him that the priest of the Jews
      passed the sentence of death by crucifixion according
      to their law (torah) did he believe in them without
      13) How was he crucified according to their
      14) This was a great calamity. What did he say while
      on the cross (according to their assumptions) Mthew

      Another thing matt, you say Jesus (AS) is son of God
      as well. Telle me:

      Isnt according to the Biblical term in the Old and New
      testament, every God-feraing righteous person is
      called "Son of God" In Mathew: 5:9 we read:
      "Blessed are the peace-makers, for they shall be
      called the children of God."
      In Mathew 5:45
      "That ye may be children of your Father which is in
      the Heaven."


      Jesus the Worshipper:

      Mathew 14:23 -
      "And when he had sent the multitude away, he went up
      into a mountain apart to pray ...."

      I say: If Jesus is GOD or a part of GOD then why did
      he pray???????? In fact, prayers is always a form of
      submitting, needy and depedant.. ??!!
      Read : Quran 35:15)


      Muhammad (pbuh) in Bible

      John 14:15-16 -
      "If you love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray
      the Father and He shall give you anothe Comofrter that
      he may abide with you forever."

      John 15:26-27 =
      "But when the Comforter is come, whim I will send unto
      you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, whjch
      procedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: And
      ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with
      me from the beginning."

      (Matt, didnt another comforter came. If not Muhammad
      (pbuh) then who? Besides did not Muhammad (pbuh
      testify of Jesus? Praised him and recognized him as a
      Prophet of Allah?????)

      Read John 16:5-8
      John 16:12-14
      John 16:16

      THIS EMAIL is enough for you to leave Christianity. I
      would if I had been you. This email prooves

      1) Jesus (AS) was never killed on the Cross
      2) Jesus (AS) is not a GOd, or a part of GOd..
      3) Jesus (AS) himself mentioned coming of Muhammad
      4) Jesus (AS) was a worshipper himself. SO HE CANNOT
      BEA GOD!
      5) Why Jesus (AS) will return and Muhmmad (pbuh) will

      Matt, your own Bible is shouting at you to believe in
      Muhammad (pbuh). Its time you think really hard about
      your religious life.

      Farhan i.e.

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