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tolerate/demon and all atheists who...

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  • Farhan Noor
    Salamz, alas, i thought when I d be back, things be a better here. people talking of Islam.. but the same ol atheists contradicting themselves again and again
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 1 5:51 AM
      alas, i thought when I'd be back, things be a better
      here. people talking of Islam.. but the same
      ol'atheists contradicting themselves again and again
      and then putting blame on "some" people who think
      universe is disorderly.. ah man, get a life.

      between, tolerate cites Al-Quran full of
      contradictions, or even if he doesnt... he definitely
      implies, which is enough for me to write my next

      Never once have you ever read Quran, and yet you air
      your crappy view that it is false material. see, this
      is the problem with atheists... ready to believe in
      "national sciences magazines"... and "mark twain" and
      "some" people who say universe is disorderly.. but
      just refuse to belief in Quran even though it is 1400
      years old and have converted trillons of people
      Muslims over time and still converting..

      also, about the proof of God.. demon/tolerate, i've
      said it time again (but guess u werent here many
      months back).. a painting is a proof of an artist,
      isnt it? a building is a proof of an architect, isnt
      it? a novel is a proof of a writer.. in any case, can
      anything exists without the artist, architect and a
      writer? does this email coming from out of nothing...
      so (and pullin some hair off my head) how can you
      atheists say, that there is no proof of God.. then who
      created the universe and everything in it? point is..
      whoever created this, needs to be acknowledged.. but
      do you do that?.?

      proof is out there, if you want to find it.. sitting
      on your ass in front of the computer.. quoting lame
      atheists aint gonna get anyone forward...

      remember, its your life.. you lead it your way.. if
      you want to know the truth, go out there and SEARCH
      for it... and if you are really interested in knowing
      the truth.. let Quran be the starting place..

      no dont read the Quran.. just go and read its
      miracles.. even the miracles will blow you off your
      mind and you will agree, this is not a work of a human
      being.. i.e. when you get to see the miracle
      functioning in the Book...

      so dear atheists.. unless you go out there and read
      religions.. dont be too sure atheism is the truth..
      you guys are full of it, trust me..

      farhan i.e.

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