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World Puja Newsletter, November 1 2008

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  • Thomas J. West
    THANK GOD Dearest Hearts, As always I pray you are well as we stand together on this bridge between worlds. We stand together on a bridge that holds infinite
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      Dearest Hearts,

      As always I pray you are well as we stand together on this bridge
      between worlds. We stand together on a bridge that holds infinite
      possibilities, or as some may perceive it, infinite uncertainties,
      regardless of who will win the United States Presidential Election
      later this week.

      I have been private about all things political, though let me say
      (before I delve deeper into this message), that daily I pray and
      invoke the Power of all that is Light and Love within each of us in
      the United States to take decisive action, Nov. 4, 2008 to unite with
      the one man who stands powerfully and passionately for all of
      humanity. I pray daily that we each unite with the one whose heart is
      peaceful, though not weak, the one with a pure and abiding love for
      all of God's Creations, the one who carries a deep calm, and palpable
      integrity. It has been a long time since the United States has been
      deeply cared for. I pray together we will consciously usher forth and
      support a man who is surrounded by Light wherever he stands. It will
      take a man like him to re-unite The United States of America and the
      surrounding world. Thank God this man followed guidance in spite of
      those who attempted to dissuade him, and in spite of his own fears.
      Thank God. Still, beloved Ones we stand on this bridge together,
      between what was and what will be and it is and will always be only we
      (together with God) who will make the difference in our world
      internal, not an elected official. We hold our future in our hands, no

      One perception of where we stand leads toward a feeling that all is
      well and we are loved and watched over while the other perception
      leans toward fear and thoughts that we have been betrayed. As I've
      written and spoken often "love and fear, share the metal of the same
      coin...it's which way we spiritually, mentally and emotionally flip it
      that matters."

      My flip is this: THANK GOD that in the Divine Plan for humanity's
      ascension we would be brought to our knees at the altar of our
      discontent, see illusion exposed (our own and others) and not be
      destroyed as a species and a civilization (as in times gone by),
      though we would be deeply strengthened.

      Thank God that in this lifetime we could cross over the bridge between
      worlds without dropping our bodies and having to start again.

      Thank God we would be given an opportunity to transmute our
      discordance and discontent by expanding our lens of perception via our
      heart mind (not our mortal mind) thus making ourselves ready for
      reunion with our Divine Natures. The words of Mahatma Gandhi never
      stray far from my heart: "human greatness lies in being able to remake
      themselves and then they will BE the change they wish to see in the
      world." Like Gandhi I believe in our inherent greatness and our
      capability to BE the change we so desire.

      Thank God that in this lifetime we agreed to reach the furthest point
      of separation possible from each other and God, so we would eventually
      face earthly circumstances that would incite a longing for
      reconnection and interdependence with each other and with God, each
      provoking the healing nourishment required to co-exist and co-create a
      new reality for ourselves and with each other.

      Thank God that as the chaos of earth life subsides (and it will)
      humanity will be emancipated from former limitations as long as we do
      not return to greed and complacency, agree to understand and mine the
      true content of our character, and commit to living integrally from
      that place. Remember the definition of integrity is when the inside
      and the outside of ourselves are in harmony.

      Thank God, that in the Divine Plan WE, each and every one of us, has
      an opportunity to pave a fearless path out of the ashes of the fallen
      illusion and become Divine architects building a new reality for
      ourselves and for those that will come when we have gone, and in honor
      of our ancestors that did not have this opportunity in their plan. For
      this I am grateful and humbled.

      And as we thank God for the above blessings, many ask how do we cross
      the bridge on which we stand between what was and what will be?

      By realizing what a wondrous, powerful miracle of Light you are and
      WHO you are really made of. Doing so will instigate excitement and
      passion in the temple of your being and guide you forward.

      By realizing that the capital YOU of who you are is stronger than the
      patterns of behavior that have steered you inconsiderately. Doing so,
      you will witness the strength of your character, and life and all of
      its particulars will no longer immobilize you.

      By sincerely realizing your worth and then becoming your worth
      undaunted and no longer phased by what someone else's erroneous
      appraisal (or your own) of you may have been. Doing so will inflame
      your authentic nature which in turn provides you with both balance and

      By reconciling once and for all your stories of betrayal and
      abandonment and recognizing that whomever you may deem responsible for
      having betrayed or abandoned you has come and gone as carriers of an
      experience, not an execution and the only one that can ever betray
      you, is you. Doing so will evoke conscious care of your precious Self
      as you cross the bridge between worlds.

      And perhaps most importantly, by asking this most vital question of
      yourself and each other, "What can I do to love you more?" Once asked,
      then listen deeply to the answer. Once heard take action before days
      end. In doing so you will be amazed at the Love that flows within you,
      and the love that is magnetized towards you.

      Deepak Chopra spoke powerful works when he said, "love without action
      is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant." Please consider
      that wisdom as action is taken to re-create your reality.

      Again, I remind you that though we appear to be in turbulent times, we
      are in the middle of a blessing. The heavy load that it took for each
      of us to support the illusion can now be dropped. All we need is
      courage and commitment to stay inextricably linked with each moment at
      hand, love and interdependence to co-create and support a new reality,
      and a plan of action so that the very purpose for which WE were
      created can be made manifest, once and for all!

      That's what we will be intentionally co-creating and inflaming (a plan
      of action) at the The World Puja Networks live event, "Creating The
      New Reality: The Gathering" on March 27-29, 2009 to which you are
      invited. https://www.worldpuja.org/ashland.php
      I feel this may be the most important live event we have ever created.
      This is an event created out of love. It is meaningful and it is
      relevant to each of you.

      Thank God that each of us are in charge of our reality. Are you ready
      to live UP to the life you have been given and co-create a New
      Reality, interdependently with soul family that blesses you and
      supports you? Let's play God together. We were given the right, the
      power, the Love and the Light when we were created! No more doing it
      alone, no more just reading about it. Together it shall be done with
      intention and loving action!

      It was Sathya Sai Baba that said: "Know that you are God, and from
      that state you have become a human being. Do not regard God as
      something separate and distinct from you. God is very much within you."

      And the words of musician Dave Stewart: "Dare To Re-Imagine Yourself
      and Your Place In The World." The time is NOW to bless the moments we
      are in, deeply connect with the Power of God within and use that power
      coupled with the longing for something different to re-imagine
      yourself and "Create A New Reality, together."

      Copyright 2008, Maureen Moss. Please pass this forward with credit and
      website http://www.worldpuja.org
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