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TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK Rally and Voter Registration Drive

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  • Jen
    You think we re not politically active, eh? Oh, don t pretend you don t care... Friday, February 6, 2003 TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK Rally and Voter Registration
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004
      You think we're not politically active, eh? Oh, don't pretend you
      don't care...

      Friday, February 6, 2003
      TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK Rally and Voter Registration Drive


      Jen (solo)
      EM-50 (Eric and Greg's band!!!)

      FREE (with free pizza and drinks)
      ALL AGES
      6 - 9 pm

      Here's the press release:

      "Want your country back from the special interests and big corporate

      "Join fellow Democrats (as well as Independents, Greens,
      Libertarians and ticked-off Republicans) of Northern Nevada for a
      concert and rally this Friday, February 6th, to protest the Bush
      administration and to celebrate Democratic values.

      "Featuring LIVE performances by EM-50, Claredesco, Mnemonic, and Jen

      "As well as FREE PIZZA and DRINK! FREE admission!

      "WHEN: This Friday night from 6 PM-9 PM.

      "WHERE: Pine Lounge inside the student union building at UNR. This
      student union building sits on the corner of N. Virginia and
      Artemesia. The Pine Lounge is very easy to find--it is on the main
      floor of the student union building (upstairs from the bookstore)
      right inside the door from the campus quad. If you need assistance
      or more thorough directions, please call UNR at 784-6589. Or you can
      email Brian Hutchinson at getmebrian@....

      "PARKING: Per Andrea at UNR Parking Services, anyone (even without a
      permit) can use the parking garage (located on N. Virginia--close to
      Lawlor) after 5 PM on Friday. Also, the meters in front of the
      student union building do not have to be paid after 5 PM--so if you
      can get a spot there, there is no cost on Friday after 5 PM.

      "A campus map can be located at http://www.unr.edu/tour/printmap.asp

      "(Although this event is being paid for and organized by local Dean
      supporters, this event is open to supporters of all presidential
      candidates. In the end, we will all be working together and the Dean
      folks cordially invite you to join them in protest of Bush and in
      celebration of democracy!)

      "Questions on the event, please email getmebrian@..."

      OK, then. I, personally, am not a Democrat nor a Republican, but
      I'm not too happy with our current president, and I always support
      democratic values. SO! I'm going to, er, kick out the jams in
      solidarity. I'm playing last at 7:30 pm.

      But come early! Because there's FREE PIZZA and EM-50 (that's Eric-
      formerly-of-the-Spark and Greg and maybe some other guys, I'm not
      sure...) are playing first at 6 pm. Afterwards, you can take us all
      out for a beer.

      * * * * *

      Until next time, then,
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