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Enjoying the Hunt

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life This time of year we spend a lot of time in the woods hunting. It s not a typical hunt, we don t take weapons, and we don t bring home any game
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2004
      The Simple Life

      This time of year we spend a lot of time in the woods hunting.
      It's not a typical hunt, we don't take weapons, and we don't bring
      home any game to dress, but we are hunting – for firewood. The
      prize being a shed filled with cut and stacked wood, ripe for the
      woodstove. We drive slowly along the trail in the woods, our
      trained eyes in search of the best cutting spot. "There's a nice
      dead birch!" "Over there! A nice maple!", are the typical phrases.
      We pull over an cut the engine and the fun begins.
      "Why work so hard for your heat?" some ask. Well unless you
      have free gas, (which we don't) everyone pays for heat one way or
      another. It all comes down to hours and dollars. If you pay $1500.
      a year for heat, you are working X number of hours to pay for your
      heat. If you cut your own wood, you still trading work hours for
      heat, but we like it this way.
      "Hunting" for our wood really is a nice activity this time of
      year. The leaves are beautiful, and the sun makes for a golden day.
      Our puppy follows close at our heels, stopping to chew on a twig or
      chase a butterfly, every so often. One of the best parts is the
      exercise. All that bending and lifting must be good for us, it
      gives me a nice back ache by the time we are done. You know what
      they say, "No pain, no gain." By the last few pieces of wood, my
      arms feel like rubber, but that only lasts until we get home and the
      feeling comes back in my arms just in time for a sandwich. Glad I
      still have energy to lift that!
      Rejuvenated, we unload the wood. Just a few more days and we
      will be set for another year, but actually, we will miss our
      woodcutting days. It's fun to see the wildlife and hear the birds.
      This morning a tiny little tree toad hopped up just to say "hi", and
      blended into the leaf he was sitting on so well, that I knew if I
      took my eyes off him, I'd never find him again. I didn't.
      Another tree, on the edge of a field held a family of
      bluebirds, getting ready for the trip south. As I watched, they
      joined up with another group and fluttered off.
      This time of year, the mushrooms in the woods are also
      interesting. Moss and fungi color the sides of fallen logs. Did you
      ever notice that certain colors of fungi only grow on certain types
      of trees?
      Hard to believe, but we will miss the woodcutting, but then
      another season will be upon us, and our only exercise will be
      lifting the logs into the woodstove. At least there's always next
      * * *
      This is the week we have all been waiting for. The election
      will finally be over, something we will can all agree on! See you
      at the polls!
      Want to know what you can do, to feel at peace about this
      election? Pray. Even hearts that are in disagreement over what is
      best for our country, can come together in prayer. Maybe your
      church can designate an hour of prayer. Maybe you would like to
      invite neighbors to come to your home and pray for an hour. Maybe
      your style is to pray with your family. Our prayers will be heard.

      "Voting is not simply about your pocketbook. It is about weighing
      issues and convictions, and then voting your conscience." ~~ Dr.
      Gary Cass

      "Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come
      from the subjects of it. . . . The history of liberty is a history
      of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it."
      ~~President Woodrow Wilson, 1912

      * * *
      I've had several requests to re-run this simple recipe. You do not
      make the cake according to directions, but only with the ingredients
      that follow.

      Caramel Apple Cake

      1 yellow cake mix
      1 can apple pie filling
      1/2 c applesauce
      2 eggs

      Mix and bake above ingredients in a greased 9 x 13 pan 30-35 minutes
      until golden brown. Frost with your favorite caramel frosting.
      Cream cheese frosting would be great, or vanilla. You can
      experiment with different cake mix flavors and different pie
      fillings and find your favorite combinations. This is a very moist
      cake that won't last long at your fall party!
      Other variations: (applesauce optional)
      dark chocolate cake --- cherry pie filling
      spice cake --- apple pie filling
      white cake --- blue berry pie filling, or any of your favorite
      Frost with your favorite frosting.

      * * *

      In the garden: When mowing to mulch leaves, start at the outside
      edges of the yard, and blow the leaves toward the middle. As they
      form a long row of leaves, drive directly over the leaves to mulch.
      You will have to drive over them several times. Keep blowing them
      toward the middle. After a few passes, they will be almost gone.
      This works best when done weekly, until the leaves are gone.

      Keeping Fall Simple,
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