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Fall Apple Trees

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life How can Summer be so close to leaving us? Didn t she just arrive? A guest who never overstays her welcome, she will soon take her leave of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      The Simple Life

      How can Summer be so close to leaving us? Didn't she just
      arrive? A guest who never overstays her welcome, she will soon take
      her leave of us. We will soon be visited by her sister, Fall. A
      guest with a bit chillier personality, but in some ways, a warmer
      heart. She graces us with such intense color, we hardly notice her
      sister is gone. Before Summer has snuck out the back door we had
      better take a few more walks, play a bit more tennis, have a few
      friends over for a bar-b-que, and go for another swim or two, just
      to say we did!
      Trees, here and there, are already beginning their fashion show
      competition_ a little orange here, a shock of red there. Bright
      colors are puddling under a few trees. Remember the fun fall
      project of pressing leaves between sheets of wax paper? Maybe this
      would be a good year to try it again.
      * * *
      Apple Trees
      "Should I come over and check the apple trees with you this
      week?" my mother hinted a week ago. I told her I could manage
      checking the apple trees, and I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes, but
      I did think checking the trees was a good idea. No sense letting
      those apples get away. After all, the deer don't need them all!
      We talked about canning some of nature's bounty together. We
      could almost taste the spicy pies that would soon be coming out of
      the oven. No one ever complains about a warm piece of apple pie
      being set in front of him around here! Applesauce, apple muffins,
      apples pancakes being some of our favorites.
      I have several trees in my area that I can pick from, so off I
      went to check the tree's progress. As I neared the tree I was a
      bit outraged to see, again, that there was not one apple on the
      usually laden tree. Most years, plump apples nearly dripped from
      the drooping branches begging to be used in any way besides deer
      I rounded the entire tree in utter amazement. No apples – none!
      Still unable to comprehend, I drove to yet another tree. I had
      heard the cherry crop would be smaller, but I thought there would be
      transparent apples. It seems the late frosts got most of the
      Then, a few days ago, my husband Richard mentioned that there
      were a handful of large apples on the tree behind the barn. I was
      surprised because it seemed earlier than usual for them to be ready.
      There are several trees around that do have apples this
      year. They must have a later bloom time than the empty trees around
      northern Michigan. What apples we do get this year, we will
      certainly cherish, won't we? A fall without apples is most
      certainly like a day without sunshine. And, yes, that first apple
      pie, was good!
      * * *
      "God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot
      change, the courage to change the ONE I can, and the wisdom to know
      it's ME"
      * * *

      Almost Fall Garden Hints:
      I've spent the last couple days thankful for a good rainfall
      and getting some long overdue weeding done in my garden. We have
      such heavy clay that it is nearly impossible to pull a weed in dry
      soil. The tops break off, but the root stays. Shovels won't even
      penetrate the soil unless there has been a recent rain. Here are
      some late gardening hints:
      - Try to keep old blooms removed for more flowering.
      - Don't forget to water and fertilize now. It makes a lot of
      stress on plants to come back if they've gotten too dry.
      - This is a good time to divide perennials, making sure to
      keep them well watered until winter.
      - Keeping weeds out of your garden now will help keep them out
      next spring.
      - Perennials can still be started now from seed to bloom next
      - There are a lot of specials on plants, garden equipment,
      tools, outdoor furniture, and trees right now!
      "Remember the great thing about gardening: You get to bury all
      your mistakes, so dead plants aren't failures, they're just
      composting opportunities." ~~Marianne Binetti
      * * *
      Stopping The Cycle
      I recently had a great little job of putting together what are
      called "Lifebooks" for kids who are being adopted. These are
      scrapbooks of a child's life – as much as possible. They have
      chapters such as, "My Story", "Health Information" (immunization
      records, and any information regarding health or
      sicknesses), "Education" (report cards, etc), "Important Papers"
      (contains copies of Birth Certificates, and copies of Social
      Security cards), and a chapter for photos of birthfamily, foster
      families, outings, baby photos, and adoptive families.
      As I worked on these I couldn't help thinking I wished I'd
      thought of these books when my kids were growing up.
      Sadly, the thread that touches all of these children's lives is
      that each of their birth mothers, and most of their fathers,
      experienced varying degrees of abuse as a child. This experience,
      unfortunately, made them incapable of being good parents to their
      own children. They never learned what `normal' or `healthy' was.
      I believe they all loved their children, but simply hadn't
      learned how to care for them.
      We all need to do our part to protect the children of the
      world, right in our own neighborhoods. If you suspect abuse is
      happening to any child please call authorities and report it. If a
      child tells you about abuse – believe them. Children do not lie
      about abuse that is happening. If a child trusts you with the truth
      it is your job to help them. All children deserve to live in a
      happy, safe world. Help `Stop the Cycle' of abuse.

      Keeping the end of summer Simple,

      Check out my new article "To Stay or to Leave" in the Files
      section of the website. This is an article for women in abusive

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