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The Simple LIfe

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life Welcome to August! We have had a pleasant summer, not too hot, so yesterday when we went for a ride I didn t take my swimming suit, but it
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2004
      The Simple Life

      Welcome to August!

      We have had a pleasant summer, not too hot, so yesterday when
      we went for a ride I didn't take my swimming suit, but it ended up
      being very hot! Terrible to be near Lake Michigan and not have a
      swimsuit! I did have a jacket – which is what I usually need! I
      did put my feet in, though and the water was very nice.
      We drove past a multitude of lakes and streams. The water was
      deep blue and families were enjoying it wherever we went. That's
      what summer is all about – distressing. We spend as much time as we
      can just relaxing and enjoying the lazy days. If we do nothing
      else, summer is for distressing. Here are some ideas.
      Summer Stress-busters!
      Pick some huckleberries and bake a pie! Call your girlfriends –
      even if they are grandmothers and take your rafts to the beach. You
      might want to take the grandkids. One grandmother I know says she
      never did go skinny dipping, but she does go `chunkydipping'
      whenever she gets a chance.
      Invite some friends over for a pot-luck to make a cool evening
      fun. Take yourself fishing. After it cools down, go for a bike
      ride around the neighborhood.
      Get up early. You can do it. Get that coffee on and sit out
      on the deck – in your jammies, even! Or, bake a batch of cinnamon
      rolls for no special reason. Put dinner in a crock pot and you
      won't need to cook tonight! If it rains, get out a puzzle and put
      it together on the screened porch with the grandkids.
      If it's really hot give the kids a bath in nice cool water.
      Let them play for an hour or so. This will help them relax so they
      can fall asleep easily.
      Have an evening pattern. I don't know how many times I've
      heard people say their child won't go to bed at night. He will if
      you teach him to! Set a time and stick with it. Even if they play
      quietly in their bed, that's ok. Give them some books to read.
      Read one or two favorite books to them first and then say
      goodnight. They will learn to go to sleep on their own. Don't give
      in to their complaints. They need to get used to the idea and
      before you know it, the struggle will be over. Parents deserve a
      quiet evening, too!
      Enjoy the early morning to water the garden and potted plants
      around the yard. Make a menu. You can always change it, but it
      will help you plan ahead. Don't go to the store without checking
      your freezer. What can you use up there, first? Plan your meals
      around food you already have. Base your meals around salad and
      veggies for lighter meals.
      Make a list for your day(s) off. Make your dreams a priority.
      Working weekends is not so bad. You can treat your days off during
      the week as a weekend. The advantage is there are less people
      during the week – whether it's the mall or the beach. Traffic is
      less – and safer! Plan simple meals. Kids love to help pack a
      picnic basket when they know they get to go to the beach.
      Plan your summer around your priorities so you won't miss it!

      * * *

      Simple Summer Salad
      Adjust this salad to the size you can use.
      Chop up broccoli, cauliflower and some onion. Stir in grated co-
      jack or cheddar cheese. Add salad dressing to make it creamy.
      Optional ingredients are sunflower seeds, chopped radishes, raisins –
      or anything you want to try. This makes a great and filling lunch
      and definitely low-calorie.

      Keeping the House Cool
      Now that we might be having some hot weather here are some tips
      for keeping your cool in the house without a lot of extra energy.
      We don't have air conditioning and if we did we'd only need it a
      couple days a year. But on the few days we could use some help
      cooling down the house here's what helps.

      While it's still cool in the morning, close up the windows.
      Cover the windows that the sun will shine in with a sheet blanket or
      towel if you don't have blinds or curtains. This will keep the sun
      from heating the air inside the window. Open the windows again in
      the evening when the outside is cooler. Don't run the oven or stove
      or any appliance that gives off a lot of heat.
      Make sure your attic is vented. You might consider installing a
      attic fan to expel hot air. For long term home cooling consider
      planting fast growing trees to shade areas that are exposed to the
      afternoon sun.

      In the Garden
      Plan meals around those zucchinis and tomatoes. If you are at a
      loss for a good recipe, check out the internet. Every meal doesn't
      have to be a salad. Do a search and you will have thousands of
      ideas in no time.

      D.L. Moody once said that at a certain meeting two and a half people
      were converted to Christ. A friend asked if he meant two adults and
      a child. The facts were just the opposite -
      two children and an adult. When a child is led to Christ, a whole
      life is saved!

      Things great have small beginnings.
      Every downpour is just a raindrop;
      Every fire is just a spark;
      every harvest is just a seed;
      every journey is just a step because
      without that step there will be no journey;
      without that raindrop there can be no shower;
      without that seed there can be no harvest.
      ~~William Wilberforce

      Keeping Summer Simple,

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