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Simple Memorial Weekend

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life Memorial weekend in our neck of the woods means two things – remembrance of those who died for our country, and graduation of those who are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2004
      The Simple Life

      Memorial weekend in our neck of the woods means two things –
      remembrance of those who died for our country, and graduation of
      those who are just stepping into life. One event is laced with
      sadness for those we knew and didn't know who gave their lives for
      our freedom. And what a freedom we have. Can anyone hear the "Star-
      Spangled Banner" or "God Bless America" without giving some thought
      to the sacrifices made by so many?
      Since 9 -11 we have been in a new reality. Before that time we
      were free to come and go in our country, our borders were open. As
      a kid I rode my bike across the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron many
      a time. Now you cannot even ride a bicycle across. You can't go
      without a birth certificate. Everywhere we go there are new
      regulations and procedures. And there is fear. Will another
      building be bombed? Will a major event be threatened? When dealing
      with `terrorists' – the new word in our vocabulary – there are no
      rules. We are definitely on the defensive. There are so many
      questions. How can there be so much hate in a world that has never
      been better?
      I was at an open house last week for my nephew,
      (congratulations, Josh!). There was a family there with a little 2
      year old girl they had adopted from China. Aren't we one world in
      which a tiny baby can come to live with a loving family around the
      world? Love can transform a life. And hatred can kill – starting
      with the very soul of the person so infected. What could have
      happened in the heart of a small child for hatred to take root?
      Let us all pray for peace. Let us each do what we can to
      forgive, if we don't, are we any better than terrorists? Let us
      look for understanding, and let us who are at the beginning of our
      lives look to ourselves. Peace begins at home. Let us teach our
      children love.

      ~~ Simple Wisdom ~~

      "The weakest link in a chain is the strongest because it can break
      it." ~~ Stanislaw Lec

      "We must not yield to discouragement, even when everything we
      cherish appears to be eroding. God is in control, and He can bring
      triumph out of tragedy."~~ Dr. James C. Dobson

      What you can do is often simply a matter of what you will do.
      ~~Norton Juster

      * * *
      Finger-Licking Good Chicken with 11 Herbs and Spices
      1 T Rosemary
      1 T Oregano leaves
      1 T Powdered sage
      1 t Powdered ginger
      1 t Marjoram
      1 1/2 t Thyme
      3 T Packed brown sugar
      3 T Dry minced parsely
      1 t Pepper
      1 T Paprika
      2 T Garlic salt
      2 T Onion salt
      2 T Powder chicken bouillon (or 4 cubes)
      1 package Lipton tomato cup-a-soup mix

      There are actually 11 spices in the above combination, but an
      additional 3 ingredients were necessary to derive that special
      flavor. Place all ingredients in blender with on\off speed
      for 3-4 minutes to pulverize, or rub through a fine strainer.
      Store in an airtight container. Makes about 3/4 cup. To use with
      flour: Add 2T to a cup of flour for coating chicken. Fry chicken
      in hot oil. Finger-licking good!

      Eating Out vs. Eating at Home
      Have you ever thought of how much it costs you to eat out? It
      probably takes an hour or so to cook and clean up from meals at home
      each day. Compare that to going out to eat: It takes an average
      of 40 minutes driving time. Then you spend 15 - 20 minutes ordering
      and waiting for your order. You are now up to one hour. If you plan
      an hour for eating, you are up to two hours total. Don't forget the
      2 - 3 hours you had to work to pay for it! This assumes an income of
      $30,000 per year and a $40 family meal.

      If you go to fast food restaurants instead, you could cut your time
      down to 40 - 50 minutes and 1 - 2 hours working to pay for it.

      If you stay home and cook, it will cost you 15 - 30 minutes
      preparing the meal and less than $5 paying for it. This is not to
      say that you should never eat out but, if you do it regularly, it
      will cost you a lot more (in time and money). Is it really worth
      it? We eat out a lot to be with other people to be social. Why not
      invite friends over for a pot luck – use nice paper plates, and
      hardly any clean up when everyone brings a dish! Much better than
      eating out!

      * * *
      Simple Gardening

      On average our area receives about 2 ½ inches of rain in May.
      This year we have already had over 7 inches. We had rain every day
      for over two weeks. We have finally had about 3 days with no rain.
      It's so nice to see the sunshine! Any fresh vegetables you can grow
      in containers on the deck, or in your garden, the less you have to
      buy. You also know they haven't been sprayed. If you want to try
      canning, ask around and find someone who does. They will be glad to
      have you over and show you the simple process of putting away some
      peaches, tomatoes, or applesauce for the winter – and you just might
      make a new friend, too!

      Keeping it Simple,
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