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Spruce up for Spring!

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  • Sheryl Simons
    ~ The Simple Life ~ Spruce Up for Spring! Look at the front or entrance door to your house. Does it say Spring? Or is it still dull and dreary from
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2004
      ~ The Simple Life ~

      Spruce Up for Spring!

      Look at the front or entrance door to your house. Does it say
      Spring? Or is it still dull and dreary from winter? How can you
      give your entrance a face-lift? First try some downsizing. Got a
      pile of newspapers or bag of clothes? Get rid of them. If you
      don't need it, it's just taking up space and during winter we tend
      to accumulate things we are planning to take care of. Do it now.
      Once you have the area clean of debris, wash the window, dust, get
      rid of the cobwebs and clean the floor. If there are items that
      look shabby, try to relocate them to another place. Now that you
      have your area cleaned, think of some soft or bright colors that
      would make your house look like a great big smile. You might want
      to try a new accent color for the door, or the shutters, or trim. I
      have a little wooden table that gets a fresh coat of paint, and
      usually in a new color, each year.
      How about that patio furniture? My deck chairs look brand new
      when I buy a few dollar cans of spray paint and take them out on the
      grass and give them a new shiny coat.
      Hanging flower baskets can be very inexpensive when you recycle
      last years baskets, and use plants you start from seed. They end up
      being your choice of flowers and not someone else's, as well.
      If you are looking for ideas take an evening and look through
      some magazines or books. Maybe a colorful pot of real or silk
      tulips or daffodils by the door, might be just the trick. The other
      day, I realized I still had a cute little wall hanging of a snowman
      hanging by the door! Time to put that away for a few months, and
      get out my spring wall hangings.
      Start in the areas where people will notice first. It's great to
      have the kids come in from school and thing they are at the wrong
      house. "What did you do here, Mom?"
      For some really expensive touches, find accent pieces for a
      penny on the dollar at yard sales or flea markets.
      Now apply this to the entire house. It's amazing that it only
      takes a few minutes and makes such a difference.
      Wherever you are, get rid of junk. Take those soda bottles to
      the car, and give those boxes of items you've been saving for a
      garage sale you may never have to charity – or have the yard sale!
      Start cleaning from the top. Dust the ceiling for cobwebs. Dust
      the walls, or if it's been a few years, try a whole new coat of
      In the kitchen, clean out everything you don't often use, send
      it to the pantry or get rid of it. Put up new curtains and clean
      off the countertop! Wash your knick-knacks, and, finally, mop or
      clean the carpet. There! You will feel great! If you are unable
      to do it yourself, hire a grandkid, or a neighbor kid for some cheap
      and fun labor!
      In the living room, trade heavy fleece throws for light summer
      blankets. Our house is so cool, we often use a blanket even on a
      summer evening. Cover pillows with lightweight fabric for spring.
      You might even cover the couch with a sheet or bright new couch
      cover. Put up some bright new curtains to match. Use bright sheets
      to sew matching curtains and save big $$$!

      Invest in some inexpensive flowers such as pansies, inpatients or
      daisies, to put in the window to brighten up the room. Try using
      several clear glass or colored glass jars with one flower stem in
      each for a summery effect. This can work in any room or
      However you decide to spruce up for Spring, it's not about
      spending money, but clearing away the clutter and living in a
      cheerful, homey home!

      * * *
      Chicago Supports 'Under God' in Pledge

      The city of Chicago may become the first major U.S. city to
      officially support the words "under God" in the Pledge of

      A resolution advanced in the Chicago City Council Thursday that is
      intended to send a message to the U.S. Supreme Court -- which is
      reviewing whether or not the words "under God" in the Pledge are

      The council's Human Relations Committee had conducted an emotionally
      charged hearing at which Alderman Carrie Austin vowed she would
      never again recite the Pledge -- if the Supreme Court strikes the
      words "under God."

      Austin added: "When we go to court, we put our hands on the Bible.
      That solidifies that you're going to tell the truth. When you
      put 'under God' in the Pledge, that solidifies our patriotism. But
      yet and still, we want to kick God out of everything we do."

      * * *

      Make a BlueBird House for Spring!

      Nothing the kids like more than a Saturday Afternoon project! Get
      out a few old boards, a saw, and a few nails and make one or a
      couple Bird houses. Here are the measurements for a BlueBird
      House. The web site below will give you more details for free
      measurements, and other ideas for attracting birds to your back
      yard. Or, go on a search of the internet. Type in "free blue bird
      house plans". You will be amazed what you can find!

      Spring Project – Blue Bird House

      Box Box Entrance Entrance Placement
      floor height height diameter height
      inches inches inches inches feet

      5x5 8-12 6-10 1-1/2 4-6


      * * *
      Do things to make your day precious. ~~ Bernie Siegel

      Make your life a mission, not an intermission. ~~ Arnold H. Glasgow

      Keeping it Simple,

      PS - Welcome to the Simple LIfe Family! Hope the weather is great
      in your area and the garden is popping up! Send me a note and let
      me know what it's like in your area.

      Our Simple Life group is now over 1300 strong!

      Please share your ideas for how you "Keep Life Simple!"
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