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The Simple Life - 1- 5-2004!

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life * * * Some new friends have joined our family and many have asked me how to join. To join, go to:
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      The Simple Life
      * * *

      Some new friends have joined our 'family' and many have asked me how
      to join. To join, go to:


      Then you click on 'join this group'. You can also check out the
      stories, recipe files, and past messages.

      Also, I love hearing from you all, so please do not hesitate to e-
      mail me, or send a recipe or comment.

      Love to you all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR wherever you are in the world!


      Simple Quotes

      In Germany the Nazis came for the communists and I didn't speak
      up, because I was not a communist. Then they came for the Jews and
      I didn't speak up, because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the
      Catholics and I was a Protestant so I didn't speak up. Then they
      came for me.... By that time, there was no one to speak for anyone…
      ~~ Martin Niemoller

      People are special and human life is sacred, whether or not we
      admit it. Every person is worth fighting for, regardless of whether
      he is young or old, sick or well, child or adult, born or unborn,
      red, yellow, black or white. ~~ Francis Schaeffer

      It is considered awkward to use serious words such as good and
      evil. But if we are to be deprived of these concepts, what will be
      left? We will decline to the status of animals. ~~ Aleksander

      * * *
      Oprah likes to say "The thing I know for sure…" To borrow that
      phrase from her, the thing I know for sure is that this is now
      2004. There has been a lot of water over the dam to get to where we
      are. No matter our age, gender etc. we all have a fresh start. We
      have choices to make. Maybe it doesn't seem like it. Maybe we
      think things are great and don't want to make any changes, but even
      that is a choice – to keep the status quo.
      Our great country – the United States of America – has much to
      be proud of. We have lost some precious lives in the process. That
      is no small thing.
      The war, it has happened. Time Magazine has declared the war
      the most newsworthy item of 2003. No matter what we think, God is
      in control. For me, if He can create the world, day and night, and
      put up with us – mere human beings and all our squabbles and trivial
      affairs, he can surely stop something as puny as a world leader and
      a war.
      Why were we attacked on 9-11? We will never understand. Why
      would a dictator torture and murder nearly a half million of his own
      people? Why would the leader of a country build nearly 70 lavish
      palaces while his people die of starvation?
      Someone recently challenged my thinking about this war. When
      someone challenges your thinking it forces you to reevaluate your
      beliefs. I put this challenge in the back of my mind.
      After the holiday, I saw some friends I haven't seen in a while
      from Lansing. A library book lie on the table and the title "How to
      be your Own Selfish Pig" caught my eye. With a title like that, you
      just have to pick it up and take a closer look. The book was by
      Susan Schaeffer MacCauley, daughter of Francis Schaeffer, the great
      theologian. In five minutes that I took to look through that book,
      the above quotes hit me between the ears. I had my answer. I found
      it amazing that a book that has been out of print for 5 years, found
      in a church library in Lansing, was brought to a Tustin home, for me
      to find the confirmation I was seeking. It was no coincidence.
      This war will not be insignificant. If you have studied
      prophecy to any degree, you know that the Arab peoples are direct
      descendants of Abraham's illegitimate son, Ishmael. We also know
      that the final battle, Armageddon, will be fought in Iraq. The city
      of Baghdad is the exact location of the Biblical site of Babylon – a
      city God destroyed. In fact, I have heard that it was Saddam's
      desire to recreate Babylon. These are not only Biblical beliefs, but
      many are based on historical fact. We cannot yet see how this war
      will play out in the years to come. But we have made an impact in
      the lives of the people of Iraq. To them it is worth it. A child
      will now be able to attend school. A woman will be able to walk
      down the street in safety. Old people will not be murdered on the
      street for waving at the wrong person. Farmers will be able to
      irrigate their crops.
      You cannot reason or negotiate with someone who refuses to
      listen. There are no diplomatic strategies or treaties that can
      force a dictator to embrace freedoms.
      If you have seen the movie "The Pianist", a movie about a
      talented Jewish man during the Holocaust, you know what I mean.
      These people matter. Their families matter. They may not be our
      relatives, or next-door neighbors, but to them it makes a
      difference. One small life makes all the difference if it is someone
      you love. In this age of wanting to be politically correct, and
      keep our hands clean, we can be so very thankful that our President
      Bush cares about the "insignificant peoples" of our world. We
      could have chosen the easy road, and done nothing.

      * * *

      Very Good Rolls

      About 15 or more years ago, my friend Vicki Johnson baked some
      really yummy dinner rolls, and I happened to be there right as they
      came out of the oven. I never forgot how delicious. My husband
      Richard loves homemade bread, probably more than anything else. His
      mother used to make bread for their family. They would eat it so
      fast that she began making one loaf of bread per person per week.
      When it was gone it was gone and they waited until the next batch.
      You could eat it all in a couple days, or spread it out over the
      If you like warm bread, fresh from the oven, you will love to
      make this easy recipe!
      This recipe is from Fleishmann's Yeast. The directions are for
      dinner rolls, but you can just as easily make this recipe into a
      loaf of bread.

      2 1/2 c flour
      2 T sugar
      1/2 t salt
      1 pkg yeast
      1/2 c milk
      1/4 c water
      2 T margarine or butter

      Heat liquid ingredients to 120`. Add dry ingredients. Mix well and
      knead. Form into 8-12 rolls and place in greased 8" round cake
      pan. Place in a cold oven with a pan or teakettle of boiling
      water. Let rise 30 minutes. Remove water from oven and bake in
      375`oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. Bread will take a
      little longer.

      * * *

      For Christmas I received a book "1001 Old-Time Garden Tips" from my
      good friend, and garden conspirator, Betty. She thought I could use
      it to pass on some garden tips. She was right. It's a neat book
      that has herbal remedies, recipes, besides gardening ideas.

      "Enjoy your mistakes! For my part, I like to go my own wild way in
      my garden, and do things wrong, and find out my mistakes by myself.
      Nature alone will furnish all the instruction anyone could ask
      for." ~~Rose Fay Thomas 1904

      Do it yourself Wisteria Tree. The wisteria can be made to assume a
      tree form and be self supporting where it is wanted upon a
      building. Set out a thrifty plant, and the next year cut it back to
      four buds. Each of these will make a thrifty growth, which can be
      twined around each other and tied to a stake four feet high the
      following spring. Keep the tip pinched into shape for two or three
      years, when the stake can be removed. ~~ Farm Journal 1885

      Still Keeping it Simple in 2004,


      Sheryl Simons is a mother of three, all on their own. Sheryl has
      written a weekly column 'THE SIMPLE LIFE' for nearly 10 years in a
      small town newspaper. When a cousin mentioned that a friend was
      forwarding her column to 250 people, she was shocked! She decided
      that there had to be a better way.

      Sheryl is married to a very nice man, Richard, and they enjoy living
      down a dirt road in Northern Michigan. When the ground is not
      frozen, Sheryl enjoys gardening and building birdhouses, etc.
      Sheryl believes that living 'the Simple Life' is all about being
      contented and savoring the important things in life!

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