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The Simple LIfe - 6$ to a New Kitchen

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life It never fails that nearly each fall I find a good deal on some tulips or daffodils, or hyacinth and think I may still have a few chances to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2003
      The Simple Life

      It never fails that nearly each fall I find a good deal on some
      tulips or daffodils, or hyacinth and think I may still have a few
      chances to get them in the ground. This year was not exception and,
      the next day the night time temperatures went down to 12 degrees.
      But now our weather has been back in the 50's, warm enough to dig up
      a few shovels full of dirt. I may get them in the ground in time to
      watch them peek from the soil in the spring.
      At one time, I envied gardeners who lived in the south and
      didn't have to worry about a frost. But I can't imagine a spring
      without tulips, can you? Gardening in the south may be great, but
      they garden very differently than we do. The plants are different,
      seasons and planting times are different. I do like the idea of
      palm trees and an orange tree in the back yard sure doesn't sound
      When my daughter and I went on a trip last spring and flew into
      Houston, just seeing the palm trees after a long winter, well, lets
      just say she had to drag me back on the plane for the return trip.
      All that beautiful 80 degree weather after a long winter was hard to
      leave. I was so happy to come back to shoe-sucking mud that our
      springs are known for. Not! But soon I was planting our garden and
      enjoying our warm weather here. There's no place like northern
      Michigan in the summer.
      * * *

      If you have ever thought that reading through the Bible was just
      too hard to do – It's not! Not if you break it up into small
      pieces. There is a One Year Bible you can get that makes it really
      easy and there are web sites you can visit and print out a list.
      Here are some suggestions to make it easier:
      1. Get the whole family to join in. Pick a time of day when
      everyone is likely to be home and make it a habit.
      2. If you miss a day, just do the regular day you are supposed
      to do. Then if you want to make it up, you can, but don't feel like
      you have to make up every day you miss. You might get discouraged.
      Just start back on the right day. You will make it up next year.
      3. Combining your daily Bible reading with journaling is a
      great idea. You can write down what is going on in your life and
      different things you are praying about. It works great to see how
      God answers our prayers. Also note verses that really speak to
      you. This is the best part. Rarely will you go a day with out
      finding a verse that is really special to you.
      4. Start out each day by asking God for wisdom. This is one
      prayer request He loves to answer.

      Simple Thought: Have you ever noticed that the busier our lives get,
      the less time we spend thinking about God? Don't let the
      distractions of life keep you from being close to God.

      Web sites to visit for daily reading lists:

      And how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are
      able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.
      2 Timothy 3:15
      * * *

      $6 to a New Kitchen

      When I decided to lighten up my kitchen by painting almost
      everything white (with a few blue accents) I began looking for a
      border I might like. I still haven't found just the right border.
      But now I am glad I didn't. I found some really cute snowman
      material and brought home a yard and a half and a yard of another
      coordinating snowman material. That was enough to recover four
      potholders, the curtains on my hutch, and curtains for the windows.
      It only took me about an hour of sewing and now my kitchen has a
      whole new look.
      I have decided to go "borderless" and now when I get the urge,
      2 yards of fabric is all it takes to have a new kitchen! I can save
      them and use them over again, too! This is a good idea for
      Christmas gifts, as well. You could sew a strip of the material on
      some kitchen towels and give someone some curtains and potholders to
      match! The sewing is easy, since it only takes straight seems. A
      wall hanging, table runners, placemats are some more options.
      If you don't' have a sewing machine, keep your eyes open at
      second hand stores. I have seen them often at yard sales for $15 to
      $35 and like new!

      * * *

      Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen.
      Keep in the sunlight. ~~Benjamin Franklin
      Energy follows thought; we move toward, but not beyond, what we can
      imagine. ~~Dan Millman

      Have a great week and – Keep it Simple!
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