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Worth Fighting For!

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  • thesimple_life
    The Simple Life Gardening is good for you? What is not good for you about gardening? Besides the health benefits of the organic fresh fruits and vegetables
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2010
      The Simple Life

      Gardening is good for you?

      What is not good for you about gardening? Besides the health benefits of the organic fresh fruits and vegetables – the wealth of vitamins and minerals, the exercise of heart and muscle – the savings of opening a can of home-canned food in the middle of winter, could there be more?

      The sun! While you are enjoying a bit of sunshine each day, you body is putting something very important back into your body. Vitamin D! Studies show Vitamin D may be better than a flu shot! Salmon and Tuna are good sources of Vitamin D naturally, but I had thought that milk was, also. Turns out you would need to drink about 200 glasses of milk a day, to get enough Vitamin D. Not advisable! I've never heard of milk poisoning, but I'm pretty sure it would be right up there with water poisoning, which is possible.

      If you take Vitamin D in a supplement, make sure you combine it with Magnesium. Mg is necessary for proper absorption of Vitamin D. Mg is found in green leafy vegetables, such as spinach or broccoli.

      Studies also show Vitamin D important in Cancer prevention and strengthening immune systems. For more information on Vitamin D, or any vitamins, just Google Vitamin D and see for yourself!

      Actually, we are better off to get 20 minutes of sun each day without sunscreen! And there is no hard scientific evidence that the sun actually causes melanoma! It may also be caused from a lack of Vitamin D. Don't get me wrong, sunburns are not good, but we do need sunshine. Even getting out in the winter is not enough, when we are all covered up in coats and hats.

      * * *
      Out in the garden, you never know what kind of plants struggle to grow in difficult conditions. What might be perfect conditions for one plant, may be less than good conditions for another. But we try to put all kinds of plants in our tiny little gardens, and expect them all to do well.

      People are just like plants. What works well for one kind of person, may not be a fertile environment for another type of plant. But then there is that special kind of person. We know who they are. No matter what kind of conditions, they keep their head up. They don't complain, in fact, they are trying to help everyone else. They don't drag each other down, but encourage others, even in tough times. Some of us have to fight for what we believe in, with opposition from all sides.
      The movie "Secretariat" gets a five out of five rating, in the Simons movie rating guide. Sometimes we fight for the right thing, when no one believes in us. We take a risk and just keep believing. When we believe in ourselves, we can overcome obstacles we can't even imagine! Sometimes we win, but sometimes we've won, just for the fight. When you fight for what you know is right, you never give up. Take your kids to see this movie! Watch this movie and see if you agree with me.

      1 T cooking oil, 12 oz beef stew meat cut into 1" cubes, 14 oz can beef broth, 1 t dried oregano or basil, crushed, 1 c chopped onion, 1 c frozen mixed vegetables, ½ c chopped celery, 1 - 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes undrained, or 1 can tomato soup, 1/4 t black pepper, 2 cloves garlic, minced 2/3 c quick-cooking barley, 1 bay leaf
      Directions: Thaw the frozen vegetables. Cook the beef in oil in a frying pan over medium heat Place this plus all other ingredients in large pot and simmer over medium heat until barley and veggies are tender. Remove bay leaf before serving. Pair this with a slice of warm home-made bread, for a real treat!

      Keeping it simple,
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