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The Simple LIfe - Men's Night to Cook Dinner

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life Snow flurries were in the air today and overnight temps will be down near 10`. Well, that s Michigan for you. Wouldn t be at all surprised to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2003
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      The Simple Life

      Snow flurries were in the air today and overnight temps will be
      down near 10`. Well, that's Michigan for you. Wouldn't be at all
      surprised to see the temps back near 60` next week. Since so much
      of our tourism economy depends on snow, a nice blanket of white
      flakes wouldn't be so bad. Several ski resorts a little farther
      north are planning to open soon if these temps keep up.
      * * *
      Men's Night to Cook Dinner
      This past week a lot of media time was spent around the
      official "Men's Night to Cook Dinner". Now I know there are some
      men out there who can and do cook – and do it well – I have even
      tasted some of their cooking. Actually I even realize that many of
      the world's greatest chefs are men. My Uncle Dave makes the best
      home-made pizza and his macaroni and cheese is a culinary delight.
      And several other male friends of ours actually are great in the
      kitchen and I haven't died from their cooking – let's just say that
      I haven't been exposed to many men who can cook and chew gum at the
      same time. Okay, maybe they can put a pot of coffee together to
      save their life – but seriously – cook dinner? One news program
      suggested a man making some kind of casserole that used a can of
      Spaghettios as a base. Spaghettios? Come on, that's not dinner!
      One of my friends says her hubby likes to cook – but she is
      afraid of the outcome -very afraid. It so happens that after the
      admittedly delicious meal there are the after effects – and no one
      wants to clean up the kitchen after that. She swears that he uses
      every dish and utensil he can get his hands on and by the time
      dinner is over the kitchen looks as if a tornado went through. I
      can't blame her. If you are going to remodel the kitchen you don't
      want to do it on a full stomach.
      Let's face it – in most cases men need women just to stay
      alive. If men had to do more in the kitchen than boil an egg or
      make a sandwich we'd all be in trouble. If you have to ask what it
      is, you shouldn't eat it. In most families I know if the man was
      cooking everyone would suddenly find a reason to not be home that
      night. "Oh yeah, Dad that liver and onions sounds really great, but
      I have that really hard test in study hour on Monday." Or "Gee
      Honey, your venison stew is to die for (literally), but I haven't
      seen these old friends from high school in two whole weeks!" "Kids
      tonight it's every person for himself – good luck! – and I'll leave
      the Syrup of Ipecac here on the counter, just in case." (As mom runs
      out the door.) Any excuse will do. It ranks right up there with not
      walking through a graveyard when there's a full moon – or any moon
      for that matter.
      It may have happened, but I do not remember my father ever
      cooking a meal. He probably could have, but since my mother was
      such a great cook, why mess with success?
      The real truth is that men can cook – they just keep it a
      secret. I walked in on my father making his favorite cookies –
      Peanut Butter Fingers – one time. "Dad! Dad! What are you doing?
      Has mother moved out?" I asked in astonishment. "No, just wanted
      some cookies," was his reply – as if we saw him following a recipe
      every day. I nearly fainted. My brain went into overdrive – had I
      ever seen Dad cook before? Other than a sandwich I couldn't
      remember a single time. Since men usually act dumb when it comes to
      finding anything in the kitchen - or not, we wondered how he ever
      found the vanilla or flour.
      Actually, I kind of felt sorry for Dad when he'd come home for
      lunch from the mail route and mom wasn't around. He must have been
      really hard up for lunch ideas because the best he could do was an
      onion and cheese sandwich smothered in pepper or some of his other
      strange concoctions. "Hey, Sheryl, I'll make you one!" he'd offer.
      I'd walk over, hoping for a free meal, and check it out. I'd see
      those huge slabs of sliced onion and cheese. "Eyeck!" "Dad, how
      can you eat that stuff?" I'd ask, holding my stomach. "Mmmmmm,"
      was all he would answer. He actually seemed to like to make his own
      sandwich once in a while.
      When my youngest brother, Bryan, went off to college I remember
      Mom telling me that he called home to find out how to make French
      Toast! Maybe colleges should have a basic cooking class mandatory
      for incoming freshmen males – including cleaning up.
      My husband, Richard, says that if God had created men to cook
      He wouldn't have invented restaurants. We both agree on that.
      Whenever we go out to dinner I tell him he's a great cook! How
      simple is that?
      * * *

      It's a misnomer that our talents make us a success. They help,
      but it's not what we do well that enables us to achieve in the long
      run. It's what we do wrong and how we correct it that ensures our
      long-lasting success. ~~ Bernie Marcus

      "Attempt something so big that without God's help, it will surely
      fail." - A quote from "Write His Answer" Bible Study for Christian
      Writer's by Marlene Bagnull.

      "Be strong! We are not here to play, to dream, to drift, We have
      hard work to do, and loads to
      lift. Shun not the struggle, face it, 'tis God's gift. Be strong!
      Say not the days are evil -
      who's to blame? And fold the hands and acquiesce - O shame. Stand
      up, speak out, and bravely, in God's name. Be strong! It matters not
      how deep-entrenched the wrong, how hard the battle goes, the day how
      long, Faint not, fight on! Tomorrow comes the song. " ~~ Ophelia
      * * *
      Before 2003 ends, you will have:

      - Cooked 330 dinners (on average)
      - Packed 370 lunches (if you have two kids in school)
      - Done 400 loads of laundry
      - Folded 16,000 items of clothing
      - Vacuumed up 40 pounds of dust
      - Changed 2,500 diapers (if you have an infant)

      Teaching kids to do their chores is doing them a favor! You're
      helping them to become independent. Don't feel guilty. Teach them
      how to organize their things and get those kids moving!
      Peanut Butter Fingers
      (one of my dad's favorite recipes)
      Cream together:

      1/2 cup butter or margarine
      1/2 cup sugar
      1/2 cup brown sugar

      blend in"
      1 egg
      1/3 cup peanut butter
      1/4 t salt
      1 t soda
      1/2 t vanilla

      Stir in:
      1 c flour
      1 c oatmeal

      Spread in 9 X 9 in pan. Bake for 25" @ 350`. Sprinkle with 1/2
      pkg. Choc chips and spread when melted. Drizzle with 1/2 cup
      powdered sugar, 1/4 c peanut butter and 2-4 T milk. Make a double
      batch in a 9 X 13 pan for a crowd.

      Keeping it Simple,
      (c) 2003
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