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love to hate your job?

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  • thesimple_life
    The Simple Life An orderly in a big hospital went to his job every day. He liked his job, but he really wished he d gone back to school and got more
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2010
      The Simple Life

      An orderly in a big hospital went to his job every day. He liked his job, but he really wished he'd gone back to school and got more education. He daydreamed of hearing his name over the intercom, like many of the doctors that worked there. He thought it might make him feel more important. Doctors saved lives. They had titles and degrees, and specialties. His only specialty was taking the laundry to the basement, he thought. But, at this time of his life, he didn't have time to go back to school, he had a family, and aging parents, so he put his whole heart into his job. He whistled along through the day, being as pleasant as he could be. Often he took a few extra minutes to visit with patients who were alone in their rooms, or comfort family members who waited long hours sitting at a bedside. Daily he visited most of the patients in many of the rooms. He knew all the nurses, and many of the doctors. Sometimes he was on hand during an emergency and he helped out with an extra pair of hands when needed. And, he always had a new joke of the day for the children. Sometimes patients would come back and bring him a plate of cookies or just to say hello as they visited other patients.
      But in the back of his mind, he always wished he could hear his name over the intercom. Before he knew it, nearly 25 years had passed. One day, as he did his rounds, something strange happened! What was that? Was that his name he heard over the intercom? What in the world??? He was called to a waiting room. One of the doctors he had known for years waited there for him, looking stern. "Follow me," was all he said. The doctor led him through a maze of hallways, through doors, past desks. Clerks nodded as he passed, but no one was smiling. "What have I done?" he thought inside.
      After what seemed like a very long time the clerk hadn't even paid attention to where they were going with all the thoughts in his mind, a door opened and he followed the doctor onto the stage. He realized that the auditorium was full of staff and familiar faces. He had no idea why. With the puzzled look on his face, giggles erupted, and soon there was laughter all around the room. Finally the orderly realized they were there to honor him! He turned a bright shade of red. Oh, sure he'd won the employee of the month a few times. But here were friends and even his family sat in the front row to thank him for a job well done!
      We don't all get all the honors we deserve in our jobs. Most often we are overlooked and under-appreciated. The quieter we are going about our tasks, the more we are passed over for promotions and pay-raises, it seems. But what if there was no one to do our job? Even if we don't have a title, we are important! From the late-night drive thru cashier to the gas station attendant, to the classroom teachers-aide, to the boy who cuts your grass. If you weren't there, there would be a big hole to fill. You can read a book to your kids, or you can REALLY read them a book with all the gusto you can! Bake cookies for your neighbors or just stop to say "hi". There is always some little way you can put a little more effort into what you do. YOU will be happier!
      You can do that job any way you like. You can simply wallow through the day, or you can do it with finesse! Tell a joke, give a compliment, take some cookies once in a while to share, but if you brighten someone's day along the way, you have done your best. Why do any less? You don't have just a job, you have a chance to be an artist at whatever you do. Be creative and let yourself shine!

      The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play. ~Arnold Toynbee

      There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes. ~William J. Bennett

      Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing-the result. -Vince Lombardi

      If you don't like your job, it's your own fault. – Sheryl Simons

      Garden Soup
      Any day you can go out to the garden and find what it takes to make a pot of soup, is a good day!

      Dig a hill of potatoes. Pick an onion or two. Break off a head of broccoli. Pull a few carrots. Husk an ear or two of corn. Find a zucchini that's just right. Wash everything. Fill a pot 1/3 full of water. Chop and clean all veggies to desired size. Add to pot. Add a can of evaporated milk. Season with salt, pepper, and a teaspoon or two of chicken or beef base. Add any other vegetable you like. Add noodles or dumplings. I like to add a small amount of red pepper flakes. Sometimes I slice turkey sausage. With ground beef flavor soup, I usually add a can of tomatoes or tomato soup. You can add peas, green beans, kidney beans, or whatever your little pea-pickin' heart desires.
      PS, I made this for lunch yesterday, and when my husband got home, he really loved it!

      Keeping it simple,
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