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Ideas for the New Year!

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  • thesimple_life
    The Simple Life ABT – Always be thankful! No matter how bad things look, there are things to be thankful for. When I had problems with my van last week, we
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2010
      The Simple Life

      ABT – Always be thankful! No matter how bad things look, there are things to be thankful for. When I had problems with my van last week, we discussed all the options. Fortunately, we didn't have to buy a new vehicle, it only cost a few hundred to fix, which is not fun, but it just keeps on ticking! Thank you!
      Meister Eckhart once said, "If you only say one prayer, "thank you" is enough."

      Say a prayer of thankfulness at every meal. Teaching our children to be thankful is not that hard. It helps them learn to take the focus off their problems. Each of us can think of at least one thing to be thankful for every day, why not do it together? After a bad and/or busy day, even when it seems impossible to find something small to be thankful for, It will lift your spirits!

      Thankful Journal – One friend started keeping track of all the things in her life she had to be thankful for. Just that one decision led to so many more blessings in her life. You will be amazed!
      Be thankful for your enemies! No matter who or how someone has hurt you, try being thankful for them. At the least, there is probably a way you have learned a lesson for them being in your life.

      Thankfulness leads to forgiveness, and forgiveness heals the heart.
      Have a thankful partner – your best friend knows how you to cheer you up by reminding us of all we really do have to be thankful for. My girlfriend and I go to lunch once a month and talk about all our blessings.

      If you love gardening, plant a tree or plant to remind you how thankful you are for a person or experience in your life. If you are not a gardener, do something else to remind you. A friend of mine who had cancer walks in Relay for Life each year, just to be thankful for each new day on his calendar.

      Send a note to someone who is a positive mentor in your life. They will be thankful to know they made a difference. And, you might notice, the people who were the most helpful, were sometimes not the easiest on you! They challenged you to be better!

      Visit with someone who really made a difference. And maybe not just for a big reason. I am thankful for a neighbor who I can call and she will listen to me no matter what mood I am in. She is a gem of a friend. And, she always puts the teapot on! Another thing to be thankful for.

      Thank yourself!
      Have you ever thanked yourself for all the great things you have done? You have blown it a few times, sure, we all have, but you have done some really good things right. Give yourself a high five! You deserve it! The benefit of this is that, you will do more good things for yourself, when you give yourself the thanks you deserve.
      Pay it back. You can never pay back all the kindnesses in your life, but you can find a few ways to secretly do something for someone who doesn't even know it was you. Do it! What a great way to lift your spirits!

      * * *

      I the beautiful hills of the Smokey Mountains, the roads bend and curve – and go right through. When the road builders encountered a hill that was just too high to climb, they just blasted their way right through and built a tunnel. Sometimes life is like that. When you feel like giving up, there is always another way. I love it when a challenge comes along that leads only to blasting your way through. The hardest obstacles give us the most satisfaction in the end. Blast away!

      What is your favorite recipe? Maybe it's something hard that you don't often make. My grandmother used to make Eclairs. I don't know if they are hard to make or not, but they looked like a lot of work. I do have her recipe. I think I will try them one of these days. A friend makes egg rolls. Something else I haven't tried. I like them, too. Maybe I will have a cooking day and make both one of these days. I hear so many people say they "can't cook". Can't is just not a word in my vocabulary. Actually, cooking is not that hard. Even Thomas Edison said it took nearly 10,000 tried to get the light bulb right! So maybe your favorite recipe doesn't turn out the best the first time. Keep on trying! Once you master that, try another. Keep a recipe book of the new recipes you try. You just might amaze yourself!

      This week, look up a recipe you haven't made in a long time, or one you have never made. If you never cook, maybe your first assignment will just be a box of macaroni and cheese. But, starting simple you can go a long way!

      Keeping it simple,
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