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The Simple life - Grandmother Part 2

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life Grandmother Part 2 My grandmother met my grandfather and the story she told about the time of their marriage was actually very sad. It seems
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      The Simple Life

      Grandmother Part 2

      My grandmother met my grandfather and the story she told about the
      time of their marriage was actually very sad. It seems my
      grandfather's parents never liked my grandmother, at least not in
      the beginning. They thought she was "too good" for their family –
      probably due to her comfortable upbringing. A case of reverse
      discrimination. Many years later, tears still came to her eyes as
      she told of their rejection.
      Grandmother's life took quite a turn from comfort to
      frugality as she raised her four children for a few years in a small
      home with a "pump and a path". She had terrible headaches and
      didn't cope well with that, often spending time in the hospital.
      Grandfather went from business to business during wars and
      the great depression, some more successful than others. A Coney
      Island hot dog shop, for one, as well as a bowling alley and later,
      he was a successful Kirby Vacuum Dealer.
      My grandparents did become more successful, eventually
      owning cottages on the lake – Lake Huron, and many, many happy times
      took place. My family has loved the lake, boating, swimming and
      beach parties.
      At a young age my grandfather developed Alzheimer's, a
      disease that left him more and more confused. And eventually my
      grandmother couldn't take care of him. They were too young to
      retire so my grandmother returned to college and got her teaching
      degree. Leaving the thumb and going to an apartment on the campus
      of Michigan State must have been very difficult for Gram. Likely
      her studies kept her mind off her loneliness. I remember my family
      visiting her there, but at my age, I had no idea how gutsy she was.
      That was only the beginning.
      Grandmother did her student teaching in Guatemala and her
      letters revealed her deep love for her students there. She later
      returned to the thumb to teach until she retired. Grandmother loved
      to travel and went on many many trips. She visited China, Europe,
      Italy, Alaska, the Canadian Rockies to name a few.
      After she was retired and my grandfather had passed on,
      Grandmother remarried a man named Vern. Vern was a gem. When my
      daughter Holly was born, he was so excited – as if she was his very
      own granddaughter. He insisted on having his picture taken with her
      (as if we minded) and that is just one example of his love for us.
      He had huge farmer hands, but I can't imagine him ever using them in
      anger. He was a very quiet and loving man.
      My grandmother had pretty clear ideas, by this time, of
      what was "proper". My Uncle Dave was visiting them not long after
      they married. My Uncle and Grandpa Vern were discussing farm work
      and Uncle Dave must have said the "s" word for manure. My
      Grandmother overheard this and stated, "We don't use that word in
      this house." My Grandfather quietly replied, "In my house we do."
      And that was the end of it. My Uncle and Grandfather got along well
      after that.
      Grandmother and Vern were married about 13 years and packed
      it with fun. They traveled worldwide with another couple – the
      couple who introduced them. Grandmother was very lonely after Vern
      died, but she didn't let it stop her. I loved to take her to lunch
      and she loved to ply us with baked goods as long as she could. She
      loved to think that both her husbands were the best of friends in
      heaven, they had both been great sportsmen of hunting and fishing,
      and in a way you could tell she couldn't wait to join them.
      Grandmother is still waiting. She is in a nursing home in
      Clare. She remembers us, but it is very hard to even have a
      conversation with her. She remembers her childhood as if it was
      yesterday. I try to ask her questions about my family that died
      before I was born, and she usually can tell me the answers.
      It is very hard for me to visit my grandmother, seeing her
      as she is. But I remind myself of what a gutsy and truly wonderful
      person she was and still is. She had many struggles in her life
      but, soon, she will join my grandfathers. She is a woman of faith
      who has never gone anywhere without her Bible, sharing the gospel as
      long as she was able.

      * * *

      "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be
      pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer."~~ Psalm

      "Of all the billions of people who populate the Earth, you and you
      alone are capable of creating something unique. Whether it's the
      ultimate bagel, a thriving dry cleaning business, a lifetime of
      exquisite tapestries, or a child, you are the only one who carries
      the blueprints. This is the gift you have been given, and if you've
      ever listened to that small, still voice in the dark recesses of
      your soul, you know this is true." ~~Suzanne Falter-Barns

      "Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him
      it is sin."~~ James 4:17

      Here is a family recipe that my grandmother loved to make for us.

      Pork Chop Casserole

      One or two pork chops, per person
      Potatoes, peeled and quartered
      Several onions, sliced
      Carrots peeled and cut in two inch pieces
      1 or 2 cansTomato soup

      trim fat off chops, brown. Place on bottom of crock pot or roasting
      pan. Place veggies on top and cover with tomato soup and 1 soup can
      of water. Cook all day in crock pot or several hours in the oven at
      325` - until tender. Add a salad and you have a yummy simple meal!

      * * *
      Now is a great time to find bargains on mums, pansies and other
      perennials for the garden. Bulbs are on clearance, too. As long as
      the ground is not frozen its not too late to add some plants to the

      Keeping it Simple.

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