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Why Can't We?

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life by Sheryl Simons ~~The location of paradise has far more to do with the person than the place.~~ When our kids do a good job, they just love to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2009
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      The Simple Life
      by Sheryl Simons

      ~~The location of paradise has far more to do with the person than
      the place.~~

      When our kids do a good job, they just love to hear that we
      are proud of them. When our spouses really work hard on a project,
      they like to hear that we appreciate their hard work, their
      expertise, their labor of love. Mothers love to hear that little
      voice say thank-you, or "I love you, Mommy", when its been a long day
      of little bodies digging everything out, and you trying to keep
      ahead, by putting it all back just as quickly, and then you turn
      around and something else is out again! And then there is dinner,
      baths, and night-time stories – all way after the point of
      exhaustion – yours! The more tired you become, the more energy they
      seem to have. They are tired, but just simply falling asleep seems
      like a dream. (Couldn't they just once fall asleep without a fight?)
      My kids loved a back rub. That would put them right to sleep.
      No matter who we are, or what we do, we like to be
      appreciated for our hard work and effort. Sure, some of the things
      we do have self-satisfaction. If there wasn't some pride in what we
      did, why would we try? Why keep on with our hard work?
      But humble as we are, we do enjoy a pat on the back for
      effort. Somehow those few simple words, "Wow, great job!" or "I
      really like how you did that," or, I know you must be worn out after
      a long day with the kids, but you are doing such a great job," or
      even, "how about letting me give the kids a bath tonight?" does
      wonders for a tired out parent. We really don't have to worry about
      someone getting a big head. Most of us crave just a few kind words.
      Why is it that those few little words like "great job!" seem
      to stick in our throats? It's like when "the Fonze" tried to say "I
      was r-r-r-r." He just couldn't get the word "wrong" to pass his lips.
      Believe this. When a spouse comes home from a long day at
      work, a hug and a cup of hot tea are greatly appreciated. When one
      of you works hard on a project for the house, a "What a great job" is
      like rain in the desert. Did you love that dinner mom made after a
      hard day of work? Tell her! When one of the kids cleans his room,
      or brings home a good report from school, words of encouragement are
      worth more than a 10 spot! We are humans and we live for
      Don't ignore your families', friends', or co-worker's hard
      work or good ideas. They deserve a verbal pat on the back. When we
      put ourselves in their shoes, we realize what they need. Let those
      words flow, when deserved. It really is all the pay some of us will
      ever see, but it sure is encouraging to hear. And, even if no one
      notices, pat yourself on the back, too! You know you did a good job,
      even if no one else does.

      Simple Grilled Cheese

      Who needs take out? Grilled cheese and a bowl of soup or some low-
      sugar peaches are so simple! If you've never made grilled cheese,
      give it a try. I like using co-jack.
      Turn on your electric grill or pan to medium. Get your
      cheese slices ready. Butter the outsides of the bread and place
      buttered-side down. Spread with salad dressing or mayo, if desired.
      Add sliced cheese. And add slice bread, buttered side up. When
      bottom is lightly brown, flip and brown on the other side. Great
      lunch or dinner on a cold winter day.

      Keeping it Simple,
      Sheryl thesimple_life@...
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