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Tools for the garden of debt

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life by Sheryl Simons EASY KEY LIME PIE CRUST 1 pkg graham Crackers, finely crushed 1 tsp sugar 1/4 tsp cinnamon 6 tbs unsalted butter, melted
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2008
      The Simple Life
      by Sheryl Simons


      1 pkg graham Crackers, finely crushed
      1 tsp sugar
      1/4 tsp cinnamon
      6 tbs unsalted butter, melted
      8 oz pkg cream cheese, room temp
      1/3 cup sugar
      1 tsp grated lime rind
      1/3 cup lime juice
      8 oz container frozen nondairy whipped topping, thawed
      GARNISH: Lime Slices

      Heat oven to 325 degrees. CRUST: In bowl, mix crumbs, sugar and
      cinnamon. Stir in butter. Press into 9 inch glass pie plate. Bake
      until edges are lightly golden, 10 min. Let cool.

      FILLING: In bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar, lime rind and juice until
      fluffy. Fold in topping. Spread into crust. Refrigerate until firm, 4
      hours. Garnish with lime slices. MAKES 8 SERVINGS.*

      * * *
      Simple Housework
      One evening, Jenny arrived home from work to find the children
      bathed, one load of laundry in the washer and another in the dryer.
      Dinner was on the stove, and the table set. She was astonished! It
      turns out that Eddie had read an article that said wives who work
      full-time and had to do their own housework were too tired to have

      The evening went well and the next day, she told her office friends
      all about

      "We had a great dinner. Eddie even cleaned up. He helped the kids do
      their homework, folded all the laundry and put it away. I really
      the evening. I put my feet up and read a book."

      "But what about afterward?" asked her friends.

      "Oh, that..., Eddie was too tired."

      * * *
      Tools for the Garden of Trouble –
      How to dig a deep hole and bury yourself – in Debt!
      (note: the bigger the tool, the faster you can dig!)

      Backhoe – Beverages- $100 for 10 - 12 packs, But you don't even get
      to keep it! It just goes down the drain. Water is free! Over a
      thousand dollars a year just to hear that flush.

      Hand Shovel - Coffee Bars: What you can make for pennies on the
      dollar at home, you can spend unlimited $$$ here, stopping in each
      morning before work, after work, and at lunch. $4. a day, become $20
      a week which becomes over $1000 a year. Coffee made at home – 50
      cents a week, or about $20 a year – a little more if you buy the
      expensive stuff.

      Shovel – Spend your free time shopping. As long as you are looking
      for a good deal, it can't be a waste of money, can it? Don't ask
      yourself if you need it, just buy whatever comes across your path!
      What good would it be to have money just sitting in a bank account or
      money market account? Boring.

      Tractors – Spending a day or two a week at the Casino! What a great
      way to relax and lighten your wallet. Wallets full of cash or Debit
      cards will have an easy time dieting here. If you go enough you can
      get a free meal or a free room for the weekend! They know who their
      big-time spenders are!

      Front End Loaders – Always buy a new car. Used cars are for little
      old ladies. Just driving off the new car lot will take 1/4 to 1/3
      off the value of that beautiful new car! They great part is,
      everyone will notice you are driving a brand new car for at least a
      month, but you still get to make the payments long after the shiny
      paint has dulled, or you hit a deer. Buying a car from a buy-here-
      pay-here place is even better! You will get to spend three times
      more for a car than its worth, just because you have bad credit. (And
      if it is a lemon and you decide to sell it – you can't because no
      other fool will pay as much for it as you owe!) Or, you could look
      for a good used car, have it checked out by a mechanic, and have low
      payments and get it paid off so you can save more money for the next
      car. But that wouldn't be any fun, would it? Now don't worry. When
      that car payment gets to be too much, just re-mortgage, ahem, get a
      home equity loan. Then it will only take a few extra years to pay
      off that mortgage, but who's counting? The lenders are, that's for

      Bull dozer - Buy a big house with an even nice big payment! Why save
      money doing any work on a fixer-upper? Spend every spare dime out of
      your paycheck to make a mortgage payment and property taxes so that
      you will have to wonder where your next meal is coming from. If you
      do buy an affordable house, do not make any extra payments, or pay
      extra on your mortgage. Why pay off your house early and be debt
      free? Only dweebs pay off anything early!

      Keeping it Simple,

      Please contact me with recipes, questions, comments and simple living
      ideas that work for you. Email: thesimple_life@...
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