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Values of Simplicity

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life By Sheryl Simons Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo DaVinci) A woman was rushed into an emergency room with serious injuries
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      The Simple Life
      By Sheryl Simons

      Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo DaVinci)

      A woman was rushed into an emergency room with serious
      injuries resulting from a car accident. Her husband rushed in
      minutes later, wearing an expensive suit. He paced nervously, as he
      waited for news. A filthy, homeless bum who hung around the
      emergency room pilfering coffee, offered him cup.
      The man ignored him. The pacing continued. A doctor came
      into the waiting area and stated that they were having trouble
      locating her rare blood type of AB negative. "There doesn't seem to
      be any in the whole city, at the moment."
      "I have AB negative!" said the bum several times. The man
      looked at the bum with disgust, but his look softened.
      "How much do you want for your blood?" asked the wealthy
      "It's not for sale," but your wife can have it if she needs
      The doctor himself scrubbed the bum from head to toe. The
      woman began to recover after receiving the blood for her surgery.
      A few days later the "bum" emerged from a limo with the
      husband, wearing an immaculate suit. "Look at my new clothes!" he
      said to the nurse. She hardly recognized him. "You look very nice,
      sir." Later the man, woman, and former homeless man all entered the
      limo and drove off, leaving the staff a little surprised.
      * * *

      Values of Simplicity

      Faith in God – Faith will lead you where you never would think. It
      will give you opportunities you never would have otherwise. Open the
      door to faith and you open the door to possibilities that are
      endless, and experiences you never imagined!

      Frugality – more family problems are caused by overspending than
      maybe any other. What do you really need? Start there. You need a
      home. You don't need a large home. You likely need income, and a
      vehicle that you can depend on, so you can get there. Your income
      should get you what you need, or you either need to spend less, or
      make more. The less you spend, the less you need.

      Simplistic Values- Why go out for an expensive meal when you can make
      a simple and delicious meal at home? Put that money you saved on
      your mortgage, to pay that off early. Have a rainy day savings
      account for emergencies.

      Honesty – Be honest with yourself about things. Is it really a good
      idea to spend $4.00 on that Cappuccino every morning? Do you really
      need all those extra calories? Couldn't you get by with one a week?
      Make some good coffee at home. Get up a few minutes early to pack
      your lunch – and make it healthy.

      Healthy Agenda - What goes in your body, will show up later. Eat
      vegetables, fruit and wholegrain. Stay away from smoke, alcohol, and
      empty calories. In the long run, they won't comfort you they will
      make you and your family ill. Care enough to do the best.

      Kindness – Families are all about good manners, kindness, and sincere
      love, so is the world, whether those around you are doing it, or
      not. Do the right thing and you will never be sorry.

      Slow down – The family that is too busy to enjoy each other is in
      trouble. You can't run 80 miles an hour without recharging. You
      know if you are going to fast through life. Cut out the busy-ness.
      Relax. Go for walks, play soccer in the yard with family and friends
      instead of signing up for every activity imaginable. The kids won't
      die if they don't learn an instrument, on the other hand, if they beg
      to learn, you need to honor that. One of my nephews is excelling on
      the violin. He loves it and is very good. Watch for your child's
      strengths and facilitate them. That is the true art of parenting.
      Give them lots of time for reading, playing and learning. PS- the
      television should be the LAST choice.

      Love of Learning- There is no end to what you can learn, if you want
      to. You can learn to plant a garden, sew, cook, woodwork, discover
      the world. Much of it is free or inexpensive.

      Friendships- We all need friends. If you don't have one, be one.
      Support, love, caring. If you meet a miserable person, they probably
      don't have a close friend. Friends reach out and you find each other
      somewhere in the middle.

      Cooperation – since the 40's women have been heading into the work
      force. But needs at home haven't changed. Laundry didn't magically
      disappear. Meals still need to be made, as do beds. If your family
      is two income, one of you needs to be part-time to take care of kids
      and home, or you need outside help. If you want to pay someone to
      take care of your home, fine, but think about cutting expenses
      first. Do you really need everything you are paying for? Watch
      where the money goes and cut where possible. Often two incomes do
      not make more money, they make more spending and less quality of
      life. When mom comes home later than dad, dad better not
      say, "What's for dinner?" When she walks in the door, it should be on
      the table, or visa versa. That's cooperation. Having a family is a
      24 hour job. Even kids need to learn to step up to the plate. Life
      isn't a downhill slide, it's an uphill climb, and it takes hard
      work. When they learn this lesson, you are giving them a gift that
      will last a lifetime. If you don't know how to teach them, ask for
      help. Anyone can learn.
      * * *
      "Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct
      them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able
      to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of

      Keeping it Simple,

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      ideas that work for you. Email: thesimple_life@...
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