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Prayer matters!

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  • Sheryl Simons
    At this time, right before elections, aren t we sick of all the political ads, and phone calls telling us what to think? I know I am! But writing The Simple
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      At this time, right before elections, aren't we sick of all the
      political ads, and phone calls telling us what to think?
      I know I am! But writing "The Simple Life", I have to
      reevaluate what it is that I will vote for.

      We are all sick of the war. Especially when it seems we make
      two steps forward, and one backward! We hate the violence in Iraq,
      which makes our stomachs turn to watch the news. Daily we are
      saddened to hear of more American soldiers who have given their
      precious lives. They were someone's husband, father, son, brother,
      sister, or daughter. My own son is a Marine serving in Iraq at this

      But do I believe pulling out is the answer? No way! We can't
      topple a regime and Then leave them in chaos. No we didn't forsee
      the violence continuing. But we must remember it took 5 years to
      calm the violence after the cival war, which I liken this war to.

      It is hard for us to imagine such hatred and violence in a
      single country.

      But we have an election coming up? At a time like this, what
      do we vote for, with our heavy hearts? We must vote for simple
      family values.

      I believe most of my readers are Christians. We believe in
      wholesome simple living. We believe in growing, and not
      destroying. We believe in nurturing, and not violence. We are
      peacekeepers, which is, I believe, the basis for entering the Iraq
      war in the first place.

      We are not in control, but God, thankfully, is. If you grew up
      going to Sunday School, as I did, you probably believe, as I do,
      that this earth as we know it, has a limited number of days left.
      We do believe in an absolute truth, even though we as humans have
      limited understanding.

      What can we do at this election time? Number one, before
      anything else, we need to pray. We are a nation of prayer. Our
      forefathers all believed in prayer, and even our money states, "In
      God we Trust". This is no time to turn against that!

      We are not naive enough to believe that the God of the
      Universe, who created us in His image, would want us to turn our
      backs on unborn babies, some only moments from birth - and for
      what? To relive someone's responsibility for their actions. Is
      that choice? Choice is a nice word we use to excuse murder. Just
      ask a couple whose arms are empty and waiting for a child. Or
      grandparents who long for a grandchild. They would be only too
      happy to take home a newborn from the hospital. Bring me that baby -
      there's room in our home! Can we fool ourselves into believing that
      throwing that child away is better than letting her grow, and become
      a member of the human race? Have we forgotten that half of all
      unborns are women? What is their choice? Isn't allowing abortion
      tantamount to giving a child a candy bar, just because she begs in
      the grocery store? We must take responsibility for our actions.
      when we have sex, we must remember that a child can be the result.
      We have a choice to use birth control, or not have sex at all! I
      know a mother who was advised by her physician that her life was in
      danger if she continued the pregnancy. Her son is now healthy and
      in his 20's. Another young lady I know was raped on her college
      campus. Her beautiful daughter is been raised in the loving arms of
      her Christian family. Mistake? Not a chance. They wouldn't give
      her up for any amount of money.

      Do we really think that we should take "One Nation Under God"
      out of the Pledge of Allegiance of our great nation? Do we truly
      believe that we can make it without God at the helm of this great

      Do we believe that our children should be taught that all the
      intricate designs of creation just happened, or that there was a
      loving creator who blessed us with life?

      When we believe in simple living, we believe in back to basics
      values. Family values. Biblical values. We love all people, but we
      do not believe God created us to condone same sex marriage.

      We may not always agree with the decisions of our lawmakers, but
      we can trust God.

      Before you go to the polls, will you pray with me? Pray for
      wisdom - as God promises, all we have to do is ask! Pray for
      courage and wisdom for our leaders - whoever they may be. Pray for
      bringing our country to world leadership by setting the example of
      being on our knees in prayer!

      And then, when we vote our conscience, and our simple family
      values, we can trust that we have done what we can do to strenghten
      our nation! And we can continue to pray - daily - for all that
      makes our country great.

      Keep on Praying!

      Sheryl Simons
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