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Simple Summer!

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  • Sheryl Simons
    THE SIMPLE LIFE This year hubby Richard wanted to plant one of his favorites – red potatoes. Fine with me. But fourteen pounds of seed potatoes??? I
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2003

      This year hubby Richard wanted to plant one of his favorites –
      red potatoes. Fine with me. But fourteen pounds of seed
      potatoes??? I thought that was going a bit overboard for our first
      real crop, but, what the hey. Planted, potatoes just do their own
      thing, right? Well, that's what I thought. Until about two weeks
      ago. Richard mentioned something about finding a few potato bugs.
      No problem. He took care of it, right?
      We were out watering and found a few more. Now I was
      introduced to the potato bug family. Adults are hard shelled with
      black stripes on their backs. The larvae stage bugs are orange with
      spots and babies can be as small as pin heads. No matter what the
      size, they will munch away on potato plants, eventually destroying
      them. We promptly laid them to "rest". This morning I thought I
      would take a stroll into the "killing fields", opps, er, potato
      fields. Wow! Many of the plants were clear, but I killed quite a
      few of our little friends, who were obviously introducing
      more "friends" to our potatoes by laying orange eggs on the
      underside of the leaves. I may have to get desperate, but if we
      keep on top of it, maybe not. I really hate to go the chemical
      route. We will see. Maybe chili powder??? I did a little research
      and found that lady bugs are natural enemies of potato bugs. How
      come when we were infested with lady bugs a couple years ago, they
      weren't wiped out then? Robins, chickens, and other birds are also
      their natural enemies, so maybe I could put up a sign?
      I am quite puzzled by this. This is the first year we have
      planted potatoes here, so who told them where to find our potato
      plants? Oh well. I guess that's kind of like life, isn't it?
      Sometimes we see little things happening and just think the problem
      will go away. They don't. They only get bigger. Then, after a
      while, they get to astronomical proportions.
      We were in a restaurant this past week. A small boy would
      scream at the top of his lungs every so often, but it only lasted a
      few moments. Why did he do this? It worked. It seemed that if he
      screamed loud enough, he would get what he wanted. Its hard for a
      parent to ignore such behavior or leave the scene, but giving a
      child this much power is the beginning of a big problem.
      I mentioned a couple weeks ago about cabbage worms. Since I
      found them early and just picked them off my cabbages, I have had no
      further problem, but I am really keeping my eyes out for more! My
      cabbages are coming along really well. So, I will keep an eye on
      the potato bugs and see what happens.

      PS - My cousin Kathy Bradford, from Delaware, says that spraying the
      potato plants with a dishsoap spray will make the little buggers
      sick and discourage them from gobbling up our pretty potato plants.
      If you see her at the Gettysburg Reinactment next week, say 'HI' to
      her for me!

      Sometimes the most sensible things are the hardest things to learn:

      The Second Ten Commandments

      1. Thou shall not worry, for worry is the most unproductive of all
      human activities.
      2. Thou shall not be fearful, for most of the things we fear never
      come to pass.
      3. Thou shall remember that when someone says something about you
      that isn't true, or is just plain hurtful, it is about them and not
      about you. You know the real truth and what other people think,
      really just doesn't matter in the long run.
      4. Thou shall face each problem as it comes. You can only handle one
      at a time anyway.
      5. Thou shall not take problems to bed with you, for they make very
      poor bedfellows.
      6. Thou shall not borrow other people's problems. They can better
      care for them than you can.
      7. Thou shall not try to relive yesterday for good or ill, it is
      gone forever. Concentrate on what is happening in your life and be
      happy now!
      8. Thou shall be a good listener, for only when you listen do you
      hear ideas different from your own. It is hard to learn something
      new when you are talking, and some people do know more than you do.
      9. Thou shall not become "bogged down" by frustration, for 90% of it
      is rooted in self-pity and will only interfere with positive action.
      10. Thou shall count thy blessings, never overlooking the small
      ones, for a lot of small blessings add up to a big one.

      * * *

      "The best way to help the world is to start by loving each other,
      not blandly, blindly, but realistically, with understanding and
      forebearance and forgiveness." --Madeleine L'Engle
      "Intimacy between friends involves a nondominant love, as well as
      vulnerability. With a true friend we can share the deepest places of
      our hearts, the dark as well as the light. --Madeleine L'Engle

      Stir together 1 chocolate cake mix, 2 eggs, and 1 (21 oz) can of
      cherry pie filling. Put into greased 9 x 13 baking dish and bake at
      350 for 35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out
      clean. Frost with your favorite frosting or while cake is baking
      get a small saucepan and put in: 1/3 c milk, 5 tbls oleo or
      margarine, 1 cup sugar and bring to a boil. Boil 1 full minute and
      remove from heat, then add 1 cup chocolate chips and stir until
      smooth. When cake comes out of oven, pour on top. This cake is
      nice and moist.


      Here in Northern Michigan, we are not more than an hour from
      beautiful Lake Michigan. Sunday we visited Silver Lake, took a dune
      ride on Mac Woods Dune Rides – a really nice and fun ride around the
      dunes on a guided tour with a bit of humor and information thrown
      in – and visited the nearby lighthouse and took a swim in the
      wonderful big waves of Lake Michigan. The sand here is sugar sand
      with not a rock to be found and the water is very shallow a long way
      out. There are four wheelers and dune buggies to watch climbing the
      dunes or maybe just building a sand castle in the wet sand is more
      your style. Any way you slice it, a trip to the lake is a "must"
      for summer fun.

      Keeping Summer Simple,


      Ps, be sure to pass this on to your friends who like the "Simple
      LIfe". They can go to the web site
      http://www.geocities.com/thesimple_life to sign up for free!
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