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Sprinklers in the Sun!

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple life Simple Family Times It was a very hot day. Our family was camping in our daughter Amy s yard in Kalkaska. My grandson Jonte had asked me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2003
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      The Simple life

      Simple Family Times
      It was a very hot day. Our family was camping in our daughter
      Amy's yard in Kalkaska. My grandson Jonte had asked me earlier to
      take him to the gas station to put some air in his tire. I promised
      I would. Now when he was ready to go, it was the hot time in the
      afternoon. Oh well, I had promised. My two other grandkids, Tony
      and Teanna joined us and we walked the four blocks to the gas
      station. After the tires were well aired, we started a bike ride
      and my husband Richard met us, coming up the street. There was an
      old truck we wanted to show him several blocks away. We rode off,
      investigated the old truck, and then I remembered a neat little pond
      and fountain in the yard of the funeral home.
      We rode in the direction of the funeral home to find all the
      sprinklers running. We went down the sidewalk and the first of
      several sprinklers hit us. It was shockingly cold, but refreshing.
      After looking at the pond, we were about to ride back toward home.
      Richard said "Shouldn't we ride down that sidewalk again?" Caught
      up in his idea I hollered to the kids, "Let's go through the
      sprinklers again – who ever gets wettest wins!" Several more times
      we rode through the sprinklers, screaming, laughing and playing. Our
      damp clothes kept us cool all afternoon. Happy memories are often
      unplanned and spontaneous. What if I'd said, "It's too hot right
      now, let's wait til later"? I'm so glad I didn't. I'll be looking
      for sprinklers more often!
      * * *

      Simple Recipes

      I had the best mashed potatoes this weekend. The recipe is
      simple and delicious. Start with red skinned potatoes. Allow about
      2 medium sized potatoes per person. Do not peel, but peel off any
      eyes or dark spots. Scrub well with potato brush. Quarter and boil
      until tender. For two people add a clove or two of garlic, or a
      teaspoon of minced garlic. Drain and mash with butter or margarine,
      and milk until creamy. I bet your family will think these are the
      best mashed potatoes ever! Thanks to Amy Simons for this yummy

      Simple Wisdom
      My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor detest His
      correction; for whom the Lord loves He corrects, just as a father
      the son in whom he delights. ~ Proverbs 3:11

      Simple Camping

      This is the time of year when many of us go camping, or on
      vacation. Here are some tips that might help make your trip a
      little less hectic.

      1. Make a list of anything you might want to take on the trip.
      Have the whole family contribute. Depending on where you go, you
      will want to include jackets or sweatshirts, swimsuits, and, of
      course, things like underwear, books, or cooking supplies. As you
      pack, you can check things off the list. Take the list with you
      and if you find you forgot something, add it to the list for next
      time. Also make a separate list of things you need to do before
      leaving home, such as holding the mail, or arranging for someone to
      feed the pets.

      2. Make a menu. Keep it Simple, of course. That way you will
      only take what you need. You can eat very well on vacation without
      eating elaborate meals. Save them for home. If you eat out one
      meal a day on vacation, plan those in. We like to eat out the main
      meal of the day and have light meals the rest of the time. We take
      snacks like oatmeal cookies or nuts, or veggies to nibble on. We
      like to eat about 3:00 in the afternoon, before the evening rush and
      always less expensive than the dinner menu that usually starts at
      4:00 pm.

      3. If you start packing ahead of time, gather items in one room
      or area – anything you won't need at the last minute before you
      leave such as a fishing pole. Unless you have very young kids, they
      can pack their own items. Have them lay them out before packing so
      you can check them over before they pack them in their suitcases or
      duffle bags.

      4. If you take a cooler freeze everything ahead of time that is
      possible. Think of it as an ice pack, until you need it. The more
      that is frozen, the longer it will keep and the less ice you will
      have to buy. To keep things frozen longer, wrap in newspaper or
      plastic bags and place them right next to the ice. Two liter
      bottles make nice ice jugs.

      Have any more Simple trip hints? Send them in!!!

      Simple Gardening

      Many people visit my garden and think I am a great gardener. I
      have to laugh at that. The great gardeners I know didn't know
      anything, but were too stubborn to quit! The plants themselves have
      so much more talent than I do – they keep spreading and I keep
      moving them around. Fortunately, along the way, we had a few
      successes. The last 2 years my cabbages have been riddled with
      holes. Yes, I said 2 years. This year I was determined to fix that
      problem. Nearly every day I have checked them for cabbage worms –
      small green worms about an inch long – since I didn't want to use
      any chemicals. One day I found 3. There were already a few holes.
      Since then, there have been none. So far, so good. I am looking
      forward to some very nice cabbages this year!!! Richard is keeping
      his eyes open for potato bugs.
      I can tell you of many other disasters, equally bad. But each
      year I get better, and learn another lesson. Sounds just like life,
      doesn't it?

      Keeping Summer Simple,
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