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Why we still go.

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  • Sheryl Simons
    The Simple Life By Sheryl Simons The happier you are with the simple things, the easier it is to be happy. Bobby socks and Mary Janes are a thing of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2005
      The Simple Life

      By Sheryl Simons

      "The happier you are with the simple things, the easier it is to be

      Bobby socks and Mary Janes are a thing of the past, but as I
      walked down the shade-speckled sidewalk I did have a feeling of
      being there before. I was just leaving the church service as I have
      many, many times. I'd heard that church attendance was falling in
      the U. S., and I don't doubt it, knowing how Americans try to
      squeeze so many activities in our lives. And isn't God an easy
      thing to leave out? He has no attendance lists, doesn't strike us
      with lightning if we miss a service. But then we might miss two,
      and still no lightning strikes. Missing church gets easier.
      Many of us have to work hours of overtime, so who can afford
      to spend a morning going to church when we need a few extra hours
      sleep? Some of us have to work weekends, our places of employment
      trying to squeeze every penny they can from the American public, who
      can't seem to keep a dollar in their pocket. I suppose that started
      years ago, but I remember when it was almost unheard of for any
      business to be open on Sunday. If you were open Sundays, you found
      it didn't pay. But then one business after another decided if their
      neighboring business was open, they'd better be too.
      After 9-11, it seemed Americans were back in church,
      yearning to connect with their spiritual heritage. We felt
      vulnerable. Then came war. The handsome young men and women who
      are giving their lives for our country are listed on the nightly
      news. Bombings happen around the world. We are not safe anywhere.
      Or are we? As I walked from church that morning, hearing
      the birds sing, feeling the breeze in the cool shade, I decided why
      we go to church in the first place. The world is a busy place.
      It's full of hurts and sadness that sometimes seem to overshadow all
      the goodness and light that is there. We need church to
      recuperate. To lift ourselves above the injustices and come
      together with other people who also believe that there is hope and a
      future in a world we don't always understand. We have faith, but
      the faith is not in our world, it's in God.
      * * *
      Once a year our family gets together like clockwork for our
      annual family reunion at my uncles farm in Gladwin. Besides the
      great food and the fun of seeing each other this year we stopped mid-
      stream, held hands and said a prayer for our family. A cousin who
      just had a heart transplant, our youth entering college, starting
      careers, my son Andrew who is leaving for Iraq soon. I think it's
      great that once a year our family can come from across the country
      and stop for just a moment and join in a prayer of thankfulness, and
      prayers for each other.
      * * *
      Saving on Electricity....
      A friend living in Georgia was having high electric bills
      due to air conditioning. A friend told her about the reflective
      emergency blankets (like aluminum foil) you can buy for a couple
      dollars apiece at Walmart or Kmart. She put them on her windows and
      cut her electric bill over $60 the first month. Even if you don't
      like the idea of covering your windows, you may have a few windows
      on the back side of the house, where it wouldn't even show.
      Here in the North, we find that we don't even need air
      conditioning by shutting our windows in the morning and opening them
      again as it cools off in the evening.

      Mocha Frappuccino
      A friend brought me a mocha frappuccino at work. I'd never
      had one before, but I figured they were probably expensive and high
      calorie. They are delicious!
      I did a recipe search on the internet, and found that they
      are really not that hard to make. A blender makes it easy, but
      isn't necessary. I experimented and found how I can make them. If
      you have time, freeze coffee ahead of time in ice cube trays to
      replace ice.

      Blend together:
      3/4 c double strength coffee
      1 cup lowfat milk
      2-3 T chocolate syrup
      2-3 T sugar (or sugar substitute)
      2 cups (8cubes) ice

      Top with lowfat whip cream. Experiment with mint flavoring or other
      flavorings of your choice such as cinnamon, etc. Some recipes call
      for a T of fruit pectin to thicken.

      Keeping it Simple,
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