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322Shorts yesterday, snow today???!!!

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  • thesimple_life
    Nov 23, 2010
      The simple life

      Yesterday was actually warm enough to wear shorts while working in the yard. It was in the sixties, and for a few minutes the sun was shining and it was beautiful! But overnight the temperatures dropped and snow is in the forecast for tonight. We probably will not see nice weather like yesterday, maybe for a few months.
      Hunters in our area have not been seeing many deer. I found out why last night. As we drove from Marion to our house, there were hundreds of deer out in the fields. Who said deer are dumb? They are just waiting until after dark to make their appearance. They were certainly on the move last night. They probably anticipated the temperature change. They are out there, and if you are lucky, you might see one slipping quietly through the woods.

      I have hunted, but not a lot. I have not gotten a deer. I do appreciate a few pounds of venison in the freezer. I can understand how people can thing that hunting is wrong. I once saw an article about a man who got 8 different kinds of animals on his trip to Africa. Huh? These were just trophy animals. I don't see the sport in that. How can any animal survive a man with a high-powered weapon with a scope? Just my opinion. I love to see a beautiful animal in the wild, not on a wall. But I also don't like to see an animal in my headlights as I am driving. There is a happy medium.

      Back East, and even in places in our state, it is almost impossible to have a garden because of deer and other predators feasting on our garden buffets. We don't put all that work into gardening, just to have it eaten in the night. In some places where hunting is not allowed for safety reasons, deer must be removed, which costs states huge amounts in taxes. We are infringing on their natural territory. But we must be able to coexist. It seems like each year hunting and fishing numbers are dwindling. No matter how cute those little fawns are, with their big brown eyes, they do grow into a menace. There has to be balance. If you are a hunter, be proud that you are actually helping reduce the deer population to manageable numbers.

      And don't forget the revenues. Michigan was number 3 for hunting dollars earned in 1998. Hunters spend money eating, camping, buying equipment, gas and motels. Thank you for making our roads safer and spending your hunting dollars at home. Take a kid hunting with you is even better. We need to teach our kids or hunting will be a dying art.

      Spring bulbs and plants are on clearance and until the ground is frozen, you can still add to your garden. Even if the ground is frozen, keep them in your garage and plant in the spring. Put mulch around plant pots right outside to protect their roots, as if they were in the ground. Give them a good watering, too, in case they have been dried out. That greatly improves their chances of survival. When those warm days of spring arrive, you will have some new plants to add to your collection.

      Don't you just love the Thanksgiving leftovers? I do. Anything you make with chicken, you can substitute turkey. Even just layering turkey, leftover stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes is a nice meal. You can even throw in a few cranberries, for a nice mix, while it bakes.

      I like to make chicken salad, but if I have leftover turkey, I use that.
      1 c grapes, ½ c salad dressing or mayo, 2 c chopped turkey or chicken, 1 apple, cored and chopped, (you can leave in the peel, if you like), ¼ cup chopped walnuts, or sunflowers, ¼ c chopped celery. This filling is great in wraps or sandwiches with lettuce and spinach leaves. Very healthy and low in calories and fat.

      Happy Thanksgiving!
      Keeping it Simple,