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321Good always wins....

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  • thesimple_life
    Nov 16, 2010
      The Simple Life

      Even in the garden, doesn't it seem like a battle sometimes? We weed, mulch, use landscape cloth, and bug killer, but we still fight deer and rabbits and woodchucks. Weeds come right through the weed cloth or sprout right on top. We have to be vigilant. I talked to a woman who spends the summer on a boat going from port to port with her husband, but insists on coming home every three weeks to work in her yard. Funny. What we won't do to have a beautiful yard.

      There's always something to fight with.
      Life is like that, too. When we think everything is going smoothly, something comes along to wake us up.

      Long ago there was a country where people were turning to God. Missionaries had come and the Word of God was spreading. The ruler of this country decided that God had no place in his country. God was getting more important than he was, and in his arrogance, he couldn't abide it. He wanted his people to think he was better than God. He sent out the troops to destroy the churches and all the pastors. Armies stormed the churches as they met in prayer, literally destroying them. Those that weren't killed were thrown into prison, driving small remnants of believers underground.

      In order to cover his evil plan, the ruler set out to make his country the best country in the world. His country was plagued with communication problems because of all the different dialects of the people. He forced the people to speak one language, under threat of imprisonment if they didn't comply. He sent teachers to even the smallest of communities. He brought the literacy rate from 10% to 90%. He built roads that reached the farthest communities of his provinces. But his evil could not overcome good. The remnants of believers begged for more missionaries. The missionaries came. Now they had roads to reach the whole country, one language to communicate with, and the people could now read one translation of the Word of God. In the country where God was meant to be destroyed, people once again worshiped. This country is China. There are estimates that there are now over 100 million believers, even though they must still worship underground.

      Sometimes life seems like a battle. A church split, leaving a grandfather in one church, and his children left to help build a new church. The holidays came and grandfather was not invited. He felt terrible. He loved his children and grandchildren. But this fight was not about him. He hadn't done the wrong thing, he followed what he thought was right, staying with the church he'd grown up in. He stayed strong in his faith, even though many days he felt all alone. Eventually his children saw the error of their ways. Their family could still love each other, no matter what church they worshipped in. Evil tried to destroy their family. But evil never wins, in the end.

      No matter what the differences in your family, may you have a wonderful holiday season. Invite someone who will be alone, and make them feel welcome. Volunteer at a food pantry, or community meal. Time goes so fast. Make it worth the trip.

      Simple Holiday Salad
      sour cream, flaked coconut, canned fruit salad, drained, canned mandarin oranges, drained, bananas, canned pears, drained, canned peaches, drained, miniature marshmallows, canned pineapple chunks, drained, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, powdered sugar

      Mix all ingredients together, and equal amounts sour cream and whipped cream or whipped topping, using powered sugar to thicken, if necessary. This recipe can be altered to your own favorite fruit ingredients. I like to add grapes, sliced in half.

      Keeping it simple,