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A basic protective working

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  • silver_nutbar
    The creation of a sphereical or egg shaped protective field. Energies of wind, and earth. Useable items-feathers, crystals, candles,
    Message 1 of 58 , Oct 1, 2001
      The creation of a sphereical or egg shaped
      protective field.<br><br><br>Energies of wind, and
      earth.<br><br><br>Useable items-feathers, crystals, candles, gemstones such
      as sapphires and amber. The use of a staff is an
      admirable idea.<br><br>The protective field is a generic
      term. The specific usage will vary depending on need.
      They have a layering effect. The best results will be
      yielded by storing the pattern of the field inside an
      object such as a crystal, or piece of amber. This will
      allow ease of access later without having to focus your
      self on the energies nearby.<br><br>To begin, first
      stand with your feet close together. Your head should
      be slightly tilted up and your hands gently hanging
      at your side. Now focus on your breathing for a
      moment, relaxing yourself lightly.<br><br>Once you feel
      relaxed enough, send your senses out to feel for the
      earth energy below you. This energy is your "base" you
      will use this to give the field its framework and
      structure. Once you have identified the raw earth energy
      :not green life energy, but actual earth power: begin
      sensing for the air energy near you.<br><br>Once you
      acquire it, you can begin. Focus on drawing the air
      energy to your hands, and then hold it there. Next,
      while holding this, begin trying to convince the earth
      energy to flow along you into your hands.<br><br>This
      may take a while as raw earth energy tends to
      dissipate the farther from the actual ground it is. This
      can be remedied by use of a staff, to channel it. The
      staff should be of metal, stone, or wood. Wood draws
      the easiest, stone holds it longest, but metal can
      hold the most. Ideally using a staff, begin drawing
      the energies together between your hands. Urge it
      calmly to merge together shaping it to your needs. Then
      take this energy and raise it above your head, by
      extending your hands up above you lightly.<br><br>Once, the
      energies are above you, try calling them there from the
      ground up, the earth energies should flow up lightly
      along your body or staff. The air energies will spiral
      around you flowing there. Once enough of the energy is
      there to stabilize the effect..begin focusing on the
      combined energies of earth and air cascading downward
      along your form. Once in contact with the earth, begin
      trying to focus it into tying off and holding its
      shape.<br><br>Continue drawing this energy into the now created sphere
      or eggshell, or cone shaped energy. Till the
      energies are as full and as dense as you are capable of
      making them. Then explain mentally or verbally its
      purpose.<br><br>This is done in the form of a short rhyme, poem,
      chant, or whatever.
    • freakefreaky
      -hey i relly want to know more about what is relly that you are doing, iam relly new to this.I know a little abouth the elements and all but i relly want to
      Message 58 of 58 , Nov 13, 2003
        -hey i relly want to know more about what is relly that you are
        doing, iam relly new to this.I know a little abouth the elements
        and all but i relly want to get to know more.Strange things have
        been happening to me lately this has peaked my interest, it began
        when i started medetation two years ago i am now seing the results.
        Strange things come to my mind and i say strang ethings even when i
        get angry it relly comes flowing out i try my best to controol my
        self and have been dong so but i want to learn how to harnest that
        energy from whitin or wehreever it is comming form

        hey do reply i need a answer as to what should i do or some

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