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Late Pirate

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  • Holger
    Although March was a goner already 31 days back, I have a late pirate suggestions, was not able to finish earlier. Pirate Captain Series: # 1: The Long Drong
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2009
      Although March was a goner already 31 days back, I have a late pirate suggestions, was not able to finish earlier.

      Pirate Captain Series:

      # 1: The Long Drong slayer: WHFB canon, message 3073, by Victor)
      Nicholas draft is older than Victors, still I assigned 1 to Long Drong, as he is canon.
      # 2: The Recreant (Nicholas)

      Pirate Captain Series: # 3: The Crimson Count


      Expelled from Bretonnia on the grounds of too many affairs d'amour, duels and some obscure political disagreements, the Crimson Count (few outside Bretonnia know or remember his real name) succeeded in taking along some of his treasures, bought a ship and turned first to the life of a merchant man at seas. Strangely his ship was one of the fastest merchants around, always sailing on some lucky wind. Though eventually he got bored, and was for a while acting as privateer for the Empire. While on this duty he actually managed in a sly action to capture a Galleon. However an Imperial inquisitor was about to discover that just the very luck with the winds might not be natural, but instead caused by foul unregistered magic. The Crimson Count fled the Empire and is now acting as Privateer for paying city-states or for his very own purse. He tries to avoid encounters with Empire and Bretonnian warships.
      The Crimson Count is known both for his gaudy clothing style (always with a crimson-red coat) and his gallantry when interacting with captured females. He also shows mercy toward any captured human, elf or dwarven crew, allowing those willing to follow him the very possibility, and all others are set on land somewhere near some an at least remotely friendly settlement. Though he could not quite called popular to the normal sailors, he is admired by a share of soldiers for his daring and cunning maneuvering. And some hard working deckhand whincing under the crack of the ship's master might be not too unhappy when a crimson sail shows up on the horizon. Actually there are incidences where the common crew mutinied, threw the officers over board and joined in with the Crimson count.
      The Crimson Count is however not working for or together with Chaos, Skaven, Orcs or Dark Elves. And if he is capturing any ship allied to this forces, he show a rather crimson stained bloody side….

      The Crimson Count comes with a modified Bretonnian Galleon, the "Le Albatross", flying with crimson red sails, and his gaudy banners. He let the ship modify to carrying bow chasers. This gives him better chasing capability, albeit slightly less damage resistance to front attacks!
      The armament consists of 4 broadside, and 1 forward bow chaser attack. Location 2 Low is at save 5+, Location 4 Low (Bows) is at 5+, Forward Cannon destroyed.

      Magic user:
      The Crimson count is essentially a weak Grey mage, equivalent of 25points. Take the official 3 Grey-Magic cards [+ the "Grey Mist" card]. Lay the "Wind Master" card beneath the Le Albatross template. Flip the other 3 [4] cards upside down, blend, take the uppermost one as card hand. The remaining two are the Crimson Counts card stack. If all are 3 [4] have been taken up, used or discard, blend anew.
      The Crimson Count can, as long he is not swimming, captured or dead, do any one of the following actions:
      -Evoke the spell from the card hand at 5+. The card is discarded afterwards. The spell can be
      dispelled following the normal rules.
      -Discard the spell card on hand, take up the next card from the stack. However the Crimson count
      does not evoke a spell this round.
      -Evoke the spell "Wind Master", he succeeds on a roll of 5+. This card is not discarded, the spell can
      be repeated in the next magic phase. Due to the Crimson Count's magical nature, any
      attempts to dispel this spell are at –2.

      [Additional Grey spell:
      "Grey Mist"
      The wizard fills an ancient ivory pipe filled strange herbs, lights it and starts smoking. Soon a grey misty miasma bellows forth and starts filling the surroundings with a wet grey opaque mist.
      Fog template (size Chaos terrain), which
      -gives a certain deviation to any attempted navigation, (roll a die
      1 the crew is totally lost, movement stops after 1" move into the fog
      2 make a 2" turn to the right
      3 make a 2" turn to the left
      4 make a 2" slight turn to the right (place turning template, follow the midline between curve
      and straight, essentially 67deg instead of the normal 45deg)
      5 make a 2"slight turn to the left (place turning template, follow the midline between curve
      and straight essentially 67deg instead of the normal 45deg))
      6 stay on intended course (normal movement)
      -cannot not be shot through (blocking line of sight) and
      -makes aiming harder a short range: If inside the cloud you are only allowed to attack ships within 1"

      The ship carrying the wizard who produced the mist may move unhindered (but shooting is still only allowed within 1" when in the mist). At the end of this game turn, the mist dissolves with a 1 on a die roll. In the turn thereafter at 1-2, thereafter at 1-4, thereafter at 1-5, in the fifth turn automatically.]

      Ally table:
      YES: Pirates, Norse, Elves, Dwarves, City States (if going with this allies against Bretonnian, then treat as Maybe)
      MAYBE (mdofied): Empire, Bretonnia (2d6 roll at –3)
      NO: Dark Elves, Orcs, Chaos Dwarves, Chaos, Skaven

      Cost: 200pts. There is only ever one Crimson Count in play.

      Eventually I might get around to write the fluff. Maybe even before Victor gets around to write the fluff for the Lone Wolf ;)

      Please comment, before I finalise with modified ship template, modified magic card. Like is a cost of 200 too low?

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