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Re: Long Battle report

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  • manowarplayer
    <<<Victor Wrote>>>We played a variant of the treasure raid...<SNIP>>> Victor, you always seem to have some really
    Message 1 of 1297 , Dec 1, 2000
      <<<Victor Wrote>>>We played a
      variant of the treasure
      raid...<SNIP>>><br><br>Victor, you always seem to have some really interesting
      games going on, too bad you don't live closer as I'd
      like to be in one of them.<br><br>I always like to
      hear about a successful Drillakilla attack as they are
      so few and far between. It sounds like you run your
      multi racial/player games differently than I do and it
      really makes me want to try your way. I have always
      picked the fleets for both sides, balanced as much as
      possible and let players pick who they want to play - but
      still have distinct "good" & "bad" fleets. Your comment
      on the High Elfs actually cooperating with the
      Skaven brings up a question. If you have 4 players for
      example, are there 4 'turns' you rotate through as you
      move the ships (For example: Bretonnian Player goes,
      Skaven next, High Elf and finally Dwarf.) In other words
      is each fleet acting independently?<br><br>I ask
      because in our games, I may have an allied
      Imperial/Bretonnian/Dwarf fleet (3 players) vs a similiar fleet of bad guys
      (also 3 players) but we only alternate moves between
      the good and bad sides, not between all 6 players. If
      we use Magic, then will also only be one wizard per
      side. I have heard of multi-wizards per side but never
      tried it.<br><br>As far as the range of the Bell
      attack, I seem to recall there being a clarification
      somewhere that stated that the attack was resolved with the
      "highest" double, not the total of all dice. I looked -
      couldnt find it, but that's how we have always played it
      too.<br><br>Good Game!<br><br>Scott Di Bartolo
    • cjbennett22
      Do you really want my rules then? They are mostly for the warmaster campaign originally then I substituted all of it s naval stuff with MOW fleets. So if you
      Message 1297 of 1297 , Feb 9

        Do you really want my rules then?  They are mostly for the warmaster campaign originally then I substituted all of it's naval stuff with MOW fleets.  So if you are looking for just MOW campaign you can have a good jumping off point and see how I am trying it.  I like it, its simple enough but still very complex as it has warmaster and heroquest added in.  The original paper punchout set came with rules for a stand alone game and doubled as a WFB campaign game, then later there is a revised ruleset for warmaster armies instead. You can find these online with a good search.

        Even though they aren't very cheap you can still find plenty of the original mighty empires sets on EBAY right now, saves a lot of time from having to re-invent the wheel sort of speak.  Also there are companies that you can buy vinyl mats from with a hex pattern printed on them so you wont need to try and draw them on.  You have your choice of a lot of different size hexes, I believe the new plastic ones are 2 3/4 inches from point to point straight across.

        If you need anything though, my e-mail address is cjbennett22@..., e-mail me and we can exchange some stuff and help you get started quicker.  Where are you located about? I am always looking to meet up with some players.

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