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  • robots42
    May 9, 2014
      Hi Andrey
      It is a start.
      Have you read everything on this from say the last 40 years?
      Most of this has been discussed before.
      Not trying to put you off but it is no good discussing foreign lands if you don't know what people have already found out about those lands.
      How much do you know about robotics and what has been achieved and what is hype?
      Have you ever built a robot?
      Para 1 - sounds very much like David Heiserman's ideas from his books in the early 80s.
      Para 2 - is very much like you might record things for Logo (a much forgotten language).
      Paras to ANN - is how we understand biological systems
      Para ANN - there is far more than backprop. Are you aware of Scott Falman's papers on self extending ANNs etc
      Para BEAM - BEAM robots don't do anything complex at all, They just show that if you jiggle electro/mechanical things at the right frequency you can build up oscillations, unfortunately apart from Mark Tilden it is beyond most people, rather like the art of Japanese/Chinese bells which ring with two different tones depending on where they are struck. Great idea back in the 90s but even Tilden has moved on.
      Para divided brain - have you read up on drives and hormonal variables, early behavioural programming, multiprocessor systems, etc.
      Para on sensors - all this has been done before by hobbyists and universities alike. You should be aware that all the messy stuff like real circuits, real sensors, real mechanical systems are impossible to model so universities have abandoned the real world for the their virtual worlds where everything works and the sums can be written down and published, unfortunately those virtual worlds bear no relation to the real world.
      I suggest that if you want to know how to do it, you actually do it, then talk about what you have done, how it worked and what the next step may be. If all your friends did the same, what might be achieved, what might be learned?
      Doing it is the way forward, compare DrGuero's achievements with biped robots to all the university work. His robots have far too small a brain to run ZMP algorithms. Universities throw ZMP at the problem like it was the Holy Grail. Publishable sums and models are far more favourable to them than pragmatic approaches, hundreds of thousands of man hours but yet they can't match DrGuero!
      Talk is cheap, it is also just cheeping.
      Just do it.
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