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  • winglabs_inc
    Aug 27 12:22 PM
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      Hello. I've been in BEAM for a while and decided this would be a better
      place to discuss higher level robotic control.
      I tend to design my control circuits as a hierarchy, typically using
      BEAM circuitry to interface the microcontroller with the body in a
      dynamic, power-efficient manner. One concept I've developed is to
      integrate BEAM Nv cores into the motor driver circuitry, so that the
      extra circuitry doesn't consume any additional, but the computer can
      also be in sleep mode so long as the robot does not encounter a
      situation that requires computer control to solve. This can be
      accomplished by using a simple neural circuit to monitor sensor inputs
      and spike when those inputs alter significantly, perhaps even according
      to a weight or condition set by the computer. Solar engines also make a
      nice addition. The goal is to minimize average power consumption and
      thus maximize efficiency and operating life.
      I'm not working on any projects of my own right now, but I do want to
      ask, does anyone know anything about how Tekno the Robotic Puppy works?
      If it weren't for a few stripped screws, I'd know already. I've seen the
      main circuit diagram, but it doesn't give an accurate serial number for
      the microcontroller, all I know is it's a 22 pin chip, so I'll have to
      wait until I get a bit that can get the stripped screws out. In the mean
      time, can anyone help with that? I'm trying to hack into Tekno to
      reprogram it to do things more fun for me, like pathfinding and speech
      command recognition.

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