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20422Light Based Sensors

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  • rand3289
    Feb 12, 2013
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      Hello All,

      I believe robotics is not progressing fast enough due to the fact that putting lots of sensors on a robot is expensive. Encoding internal states in terms of sensory inputs helps avoid qualia problem.

      To remedy, I would like to inquire if anyone has ever considered light based sensors of the following design... Imagine a bunch of optical fibers running from an LED to sensors. Sensors dim the light using cheap mechanical components. This is similar to optical encoders. Dimmed light from sensors is tunneled using same type of optical fiber into a regular web cam.

      <I hereby release this design into public domain on Feb 12, 2013>

      One of the problems with this idea is that 30fps web cams might not give you the sensor update frequency desired. As an alternative, there are optical mouse sensors.

      Does anyone know if it's possible to get A STEADY STREAM of raw pixel data of any Optical Mouse Sensor such as ADNS-3080 ?

      ADNS-3080 has a 30x30 image sensor with 2000-6469 frames/second rate!

      There is a Pixel_Burst register 0x40 used for high-speed access to all the pixel values from one and 2/3 complete frame.

      If possible in addition to replying to the post please send me an e-mail.

      Thank you All!

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