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20416controlling motors

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  • adventrman99@yahoo.com
    Dec 26, 2012
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      Hi everyone, I'm new to all of this. I come to it from an odd direction. I have been given an invacare tdx wheel chair which I have striped down to the chasis and motors. It had 3 linear actuators on it for paraplegics. It was given to me because they could get it to do nothing. I very carefully disassembled it and found points of corosion no one would find without total disassembly. I charged the batteries, put the power inverter back on and plugged the joystick controller into the inverter and it lit up and and it says there is a short in the controller. The controllers are nearly $200 to replace. and frankly I don't need all the fancy capabilities of the controller, I just wonder if there is some other type of joy stick that might work. All i need is to be able to turn it on and make it go. Or find someone to fix the controller, which I have tried with no success. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Al
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