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auction item

Hello, I found this robot arm on ebay: Microbot Alpha 2 Robot Arm complete!
Dec 14, 2014

Re: "Spidy" the spider robot

Just buy 2 of the $5 kits and that's all you need for the walking chassis. They come with the motors ready to go. So then all you need is your favorite robot
Dec 1, 2014

Re: "Spidy" the spider robot

... Great, thank you for your kind reply! I see I have to get the kits in my hand to understand the details. Because of my job not giving me a moment, I am not
Dec 1, 2014

Re: "Spidy" the spider robot

RE: Very nice! I have played till now with wheeled robots, but I never attepted building a walker! I admit that a more detailed tutorial would be welcome... I
Nov 30, 2014

"Spidy" the spider robot

Howdy, I wanted to share my latest robot creation. "Spidy" the spider robot, which is a DF Robot spider kit - well actually 2 of them snapped together to make
Nov 29, 2014

Re: Robotic system design ideas

Hi Andrey It is a start. Have you read everything on this from say the last 40 years? Most of this has been discussed before. Not trying to put you off but it
May 9, 2014

Re: Line Follower Video's

Not sure what progress you have made - do you have the IDE loaded on a pc, are you able to connect to the Arduino. What you want to accomplish? There are a
Mark Budak
Apr 29, 2014

Robotic system design ideas

This set of ideas is written to solicit a response from the robotics community. Please forward it to your friends and send me an e-mail with your thoughts at
Apr 20, 2014

Re: Line Follower Video's

Hello club would anyone of you help me with programming the arduino
Pranav Sujith
Apr 13, 2014

Line Follower Video's

Howdy, I put up some new line follower video's. Here's a link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcJ6tS2al1zm3boRxch43wgmzMVMPGtm9 I don't monetize my
Captain Impala
Mar 27, 2014

EZ-Face - Making multiple face recognition - easy!

EZ-Face: Making multiple face recognition - easy! I wanted to share with the community a new open source project. I call it EZ-Face. It performs face
Mar 7, 2014

Re: robotic collective mind cloud

OK, if you think about it there are only a few OS's out there and it might be possible to have a software "driver" program that interfaced with each robot's
Feb 1, 2014

new concept?

So here is an idea I have been thinking about. What about building a collective mind? I mean something that would run on several computers, either local or
Feb 1, 2014

Re: Greetings

I ws involved with a similar project in the UK, sounds like by the same artist. She got others to create her art project for her. The hacking was led by
Sep 13, 2013

Re: checkout my balance-robot

Mohammad, that is very impressive! That is one of the coolest demonstrations of a balancing robot I have seen in a long time. Very good work! Both are great,
Sep 12, 2013
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