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NTB>Calcum Reactor + pH and ORP probl

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  • mdowner564
    Hello/Intro from a lurker and need some help/opinions. My Intro, Hello, My name is Matt Downer. I am 25 and live in the Mountain View, CA area.
    Message 1 of 78 , Oct 26, 2000
      Hello/Intro from a lurker and need some
      help/opinions.<br><br>My Intro,<br><br>Hello, My name is Matt Downer. I am
      25 and live in the Mountain View, CA area. My wife
      and I are pretty serious reef hobbyists. I am a
      systems engineer (Currently unemployed by choice, I am
      the acting General Contractor for our house which we
      are building in the Boulder Creek, CA area.)<br>My
      wife Stacy is studying to be a Marine Biologist. She
      works as a volunteer at the Long Marine Lab in Santa
      Cruz during the summer.<br><br><br>My
      needs/Problem/Tank Accessories Inventory/Specimen
      inventory.<br><br>I need to purchase a calcium reactor. I noticed
      there are several type. I am failure with the K2
      because my local fish store carries it. I have never used
      one. I at the moment use the Kent Kalkwasser as a
      means to supply calcium to the tank and raise the PH.
      <br><br>My tank is populated with 100 snails, 20 hermit
      crabs, 1 percula clown, 2 clarkii clowns, 1 sulfur goby,
      1 algae blennies, 1 purple tang, 1 yellow tang, 1
      domino damsel, 1 yellow tail damsel, 1 jewel damsel, 1
      black damsel, 1 pygmy angel, 1 sally lightfoot crab, 4
      reef crabs, 3 cleaner shrimp, 1 sea urchin, 2 (pair)
      mandarins, 4 unknown baby star fish (They were on the live
      rock, 1 Serpent Star, 5 Sea Cucumbers, 1 XL Dermas
      Clam, 1 small Dermas Clam, 1 xsmall Maxima Clam, 1
      Orange Sponge, 1 Sea Urchin, 1 Soft Coral, 1 Brain
      Coral, 2 Flower Anemone (Was 1 till it split), 3 medium
      size coral rocks with Christmas tree worms, 20 small
      mushrooms, 10 large mushrooms, lots of red an purple algae,
      100+ feather dusters (they keep multiplying in the
      masses! I can't stop it!) 100 pounds of Fiji Rock (I
      Cured it, man that was fun finding all those critters
      still alive), 20 lbs live sand, 70lbs Mexican puca
      sand, 30lbs aragonite<br><br>I currently have a
      100gallon Reef tank and about 30 gallon sump, Reef Devil
      III Protein skimmer, qty. 2 10k Metal Halides, qty2
      400 watt actinic bulbs,1/3 hp chiller, 100 watt
      heater, Neptune Aqua Controller II (Temp, PH, ORP)
      monitoring computer, Aqua Notes software (to monitor the
      tank history, tank inventory, tank automation, alarm
      automation / paging), 2 802 Power heads and a sump pump that
      moves 500gpm and 2.5gallon Kent Marine Aqua Doser for
      the Kalkwasser.<br><br>I have noticed a low PH
      ranging from 7.8 -8.0 until I start dripping the
      Kalkwasser in to the sump. I have also noticed my ORP is
      only 80 when the lights are on and 120 when they are
      off. Do I need an Ozone generator? <br><br>So now you
      know all my problems(well with the tank anyway), could
      you please make suggestions. Which Calcium reactor do
      you recommend? What else do you recommend for my
      above problem with my PH and ORP?<br><br>I am planning
      in the next 6 - 18 months to move to a larger 300 to
      500 gallon tank. Please base the Calcium Reactor on
      this decision.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Matt Downer
    • patchman72
      I recently purchased a Kent 35 Hi-S Maxima water filter. It has 3 lower chambers and one on top (horizontal). From what I can tell, I don t think I m using it
      Message 78 of 78 , Mar 4, 2002
        I recently purchased a Kent 35 Hi-S Maxima water
        filter. It has 3 lower chambers and one on top
        (horizontal). From what I can tell, I don't think I'm using it
        properly? Line one is hooked up to the faucet. The water
        flows from there, into chamber 1 and then 2. 2 then
        goes to the horizontal chamber which has two lines
        out. One waste and the other goes to chamber 3. This
        is where my disbelief is. What is the purpose of
        this waste line? It flows at a good clip, while the
        desired product at the end just trickles? Not only do I
        feel like I'm wasting (no pun intended) water, but
        water that has just been filtered through the first 2
        chambers? I am crazy? It take all day just to fill a 5
        gallon bucket...
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