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What Is The Northwest Plan?

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    WHAT IS THE NORTHWEST PLAN? Dear Mr. Covington, Your posts, as always, ring true and dear to my heart. I do not know that much about you yet, but I will soon
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 11, 2004

      Dear Mr. Covington,

      Your posts, as always, ring true and dear to my heart. I do not know that much about you yet, but I will soon be prepared to settle in the new land. My concerns are numerous, but perhaps you can help me with a few.

      Who is going to run the whole thing? Are YOU a suitable president, king or F�hrer type? Are we going to have to build all the schools and medical facilities from the ground up? Or will we be all pitched out in tents,"squatting" on Federal land? Is there some enormously wealthy National Socialist who is going to set up a compound with room for growth?

      I have no problem living outside as we build a new society, but is that what we are going to do? Are we all "just going to move up there" like normal, into established town and cities, and then just "take over"?

      I receive the Northwest posts daily, and I find them highly inspirational and ideal,but there is scarcely mention of the logistical problems,such as money and transport, medical facilities and shelter. How do I throw in my lot behind some unknown idealist? I realize you are quite well known within the movement, and am trying to find more time to research your work beyond these postings.

      Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time wrapped up in the family court system, work and going to school to learn an honorable trade (welding and iron work) to HELP establish said community. But when I get "there" Idaho/Oregon/Washington what exactly will I find? I hate living in California, as it seems to represent everything I hate about this nation, but am trapped financially. Are you suggesting I load up my relics and camping/combat equipment and go for it?

      Looking forward to a personal reply if possible...

      Michael Clift

      San Diego


      Dear Comrade Michael:

      Right. The questions you have asked are very frequent ones, and they are becoming more frequent. I wish I had a single, handy-dandy "canned" answer of a hundred words or so that would explain it all. I don't.

      I DO have a fairly lengthy series of articles that delve into some of these questions. You are in the middle of receiving this series. As I recall, you are just at the beginning. I am constantly diddling with this e-mail introductory course, trying to find ways to sharpen it and shorten it. Right now, at anywhere from one to three e-mails per day, it can take almost six weeks to get through the entire series and that's probably too long. White people have extremely short attention spans. At any given time I am running from two to six "pods"...lists of e-mail addresses that are in various stages of the course, and that includes the Level Two list of people who have responded to the e-mails in a positive way and are ready for the next level of communication and discussion and motivation.

      What I am attempting to do is:

      A) Sift through the many thousands of ALLEGEDLY White racial nationalist or National Socialist addresses on the Internet, the so-called cyber-Nazis or Net Nazis;

      B) Locate, identify, motivate, and activate the tiny minority among these people who are willing to ACT instead of TALK;

      C) Get these people all on the same page and headed for the Northwest.

      It is still a very cumbersome way of doing this, and it's by no means perfect, but this process does seem to be showing the first faint glimmerings of results. Please be patient and read the e-mails I send you. I will try to step up the pace a bit.

      Now, there are two other very important aspects to this.

      There's the primary aspect of Level Two, which is the printed, mailed Northwest Bulletin. Your pod may have gotten my article "The Primacy of Print" or it may not; I can't remember off the top of my head.

      But suffice it to say that with Covington *the good stuff comes by mail* from now on. That is to say, the more hard-core stuff, including discussion of some of the questions you have asked. One way for you to fast-forward the tape a little is to send me your postal mailing address so I can put you on the mailing list for NW Bulletin, which will eventually become the vehicle for all of our serious communication and discussion.

      Secondly, I am currently almost finished with my novel, "The Hill Of The Ravens", set in the future Northwest American Republic, which discusses some of these questions. I hope to have this available on line by April 20th and to have it in hardback book form by the end of the summer.

      The one question I will attempt to answer here is the one about "Am I the F�hrer?" The answer is no, I am not. There must be no more mini-F�hrers, no more Fearless Leaders, no more Nude Emperors. The Racially Conscious Community has had a bellyful of them. The Fearless Leaders have almost destroyed us and may destroy us yet if we cannot summon the moral courage to reject them.

      We must cease to put our faith in living men, because almost without exception, living men fail us. The fail us wretchedly, contemptibly, and disastrously. The latest example of this is David Duke, who will be going for a stretch in Club Fed next month for gambling away almost $200,000 of his supporters' donations on casino riverboats and junkets to the Bahamas. You have another example of such abject failure living down there in your neck of the woods, a bald wreck of a man who has apparently almost succeeded in destroying his mind with alcohol and who, judging by his web site and his occasional maunderings on the Net, has been reduced to heart-breaking, pathetic, self-pitying mumbling to himself.

      We must cease to put our faith in living men, and serve IDEAS, for ideas will never betray us.

      Let me hear from you with that postal mailing address, Michael, and I will not only start getting you some Northwest Bulletins but I'll see what else I can do to fast-forward your tape a bit.



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