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Appeal - VIVISECTION ( English / Deutsch )

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  • Jurek Duszynski
    Dear Friends, Occasionally I am forwarding messages concerning initiatives of the Foundation Zwierzeta i my ( Animals and we ) from Poznan in Poland, which I
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      Dear Friends,

      Occasionally I am forwarding messages concerning initiatives of the
      Foundation "Zwierzeta i my" ("Animals and we") from Poznan in Poland,
      which I cooperate with.

      Currently, The Foundation warmly asks every Animals Friend to support
      organizations of people from European Union trying to improve fate of
      labolatory animals, by means of changes in minimal spaces for cages and
      rooms defined in the Annex no.2 of the EU Directive no. 86/609.

      Actually valid minimal standards are unacteptable.
      The Foundation has obtained information, the whole Directive and its
      annexes are again under working out now. Therefore we heartily ask for
      every help in popularization of the affair among people and organizations
      European Union countries interested in the issue.

      I am aware, improvements for laboratory animals kept for experiments is
      not goal for many of us, we would prefer total ban on using animals. At
      the moment, this goal is so very difficult to acchieve, therefore it is
      necessary at least to reduce sufferings of these animals.

      We have sent to the European Parliament and the Eurogroup for Animal
      Welfare copies of plans with descriptions and photographs made in 1962(!)
      and received from the Animal Welfare Institute in USA. We think, the
      people working out new standards for the directive could use the valuable
      information included. Some of these materials, and newer ones you may see
      in the AWI web site: www.awionline.org - ( Comfortable Quarters for
      Laboratory Animals - http://www.awionline.org/pubs/cq02/cqindex.html ) . I
      recommand also to see literature list included.

      The below appeal was mailed to many organizations, some members of Polish
      government and parliament. At the end I enclose its German version
      and list of recipients - hopefully might be usefull in future. (Our
      Foundation will be thankfull for correspondence in German.)

      Text of the Foundation's Appeal ( English )

      Dear Friends of Animals in Europe,

      The currently valid European Union Directive no. 86/609 (and standards
      included in its annexes) is bad. It does not ensure correct standards of
      keeping for labolatory animals (dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys, etc).
      These mizerable animals in cages are condemned to be immobile. The idea
      for creating standards is to make the animals fate better, not to permit
      wantonly to sentece them for lack of possibility even to move.

      We ask all Friends of Animals and their organizations for help in
      obtaining minimal acceptable standards.
      Dogs, monkeys, pigs and another labolatory animals, which have to be used
      for experiments have to get possibility of movement in comfortable
      quarters connected with yard, where an animal in every moment could freely
      move and fix all physiological needs, as toilet. Cages for cats should
      have an erected shelf, where a cat could rest in distance from dish with

      Only by joined efforts we may change errors of this bad directive, to
      ensure, they would not occure again in the worked out new standards.

      Poznan, 13th of August 2002

      Alina Kasprowicz , Jurek Duszynski

      Foundation "Zwierzeta i my" ("Animals and we") 60-840 Poznan ul.
      Dabrowskiego 25/3, Poland

      (text courtesy translated by Barbara Glowacka 25.08.2002)

      DEUTSCH :

      Poznań, den 13.08.2002

      An alle Tierschutzfreunde in Europa!

      Bis jetzt gültige Direktive der Europäischen Gemeinschaft 806/609/Normative
      ist nicht gut. Sie sichert den Versuchstieren (Hunden, Katzen, Schweinen,
      Affen) keine entsprechenden Verhältnisse. Was mehr - diese unglücklichen
      Tiere sind in engen Käfigen zur Unbeweglichkeit verurteilt. Aufgabe der
      Normativen ist, das Schicksal der Tiere zu erleichtern und sie nicht zur
      Unbeweglichkeit in engen Käfigen zu verurteilen, infolge dessen sie
      zusätzlich leiden müssen.
      Wir wenden uns an alle Tierfreunde und ihre Vereine, damit Hunde und andere
      Tiere, die schon als Versuchstiere dienen müssen, wie Affen, Schweine u.s.w.
      Bewegungsmöglichkeit in bequemen Räumen haben, entsprechende Boxe die mit
      Ausläufen verbunden sind, wo das Tier jederzeit Freiheit genießen und seine
      Notdurft verrichten kann. Die Käfige für Katze müssen Regale auf einer
      Erhöhung haben, wo sie von Schalen mit Exkrementen entfernt, sich ausruhen
      Nur mit gemeinsamen Kräften können wir verhindern, dass die Fehler der
      unglücklichen Direktive nicht wiederholt werden.
      Im Namen der Tierschutzfreunde aus Polen

      Alina Kasprowicz, Jurek Duszynski

      Stiftung "Zwierzęta i my" ("Tiere und wir") 60-840 Poznan, Dabrowskiego
      25/3, Polen .

      Send conclusions from conference in day 11 of march 2002.

      Best regards,

      Jurek Duszynski
      Help to People and to Animals
      (Pomoc Ludziom i Zwierzetom)
      Social-Ecological Movement
      (Ruch Spoleczno-Ekologiczny)
      60-655 Poznan Lazurowa 14/74. Poland
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