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The Militant Veggie

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  • lulu_prettygal
    The Militant Veggie Where did meat come from? Why do we kill? Don t torture animals To help make a pill! Let s call the
    Message 1 of 6527 , Dec 31, 2000
      The Militant Veggie<br><br> Where did meat come
      from?<br> Why do we kill?<br> Don't torture animals<br> To
      help make a pill!<br> <br><br> Let's call the company
      <br> And complain to the lab<br> No chemicals on
      monkeys<br> Not even a dab.<br> <br><br> Are your beans
      cooked in oil<br> That comes from a cow?<br> I won't eat
      anything <br> You can Hook to a Plow<br> <br><br> No
      really, meat<br> It's nothing but bad<br> It's killing my
      family <br> And that makes me sad<br><br><br> It's sure
      to cause cancer<br> And parasitosis<br> Whatever
      that is<br> It's a grave prognosis<br><br> <br> The
      fat streaks their arteries<br> And i think clogs
      their veins<br> And mad cow slow virus <br> Will Addle
      their brains<br><br><br> And i don't listen<br> To a
      thing they say<br> I'm sure there insane<br> And si
      might be gay*<br> <br><br> It's all cuz of meat<br>
      It's nasty, it's bad<br> It's killing my Family<br>
      And that makes me sad<br><br><br> By,<br> My
      father<br><br>* that line is a inside joke. "si" is my 10 year
      old brother.;)
    • september_rain_33f
      Ok, I m sorry ... I just don t see what it is that this HSUS person said that is so stupid. The only part of your posting that deals with what she said is:
      Message 6527 of 6527 , Mar 23, 2002
        Ok, I'm sorry ... I just don't see what it is that this HSUS person
        said that is so stupid. The only part of your posting that deals with
        what she said is:

        "Sandy Rowland of HSUS said that best in show trophies, plaques or
        ribbons can be evidence of dog fighting, and that police should be on
        the lookout for dogs with scars, treadmills, springpoles, medications
        and medical equipment, and books or magazines dealing with dog

        Evidently, in this person's experience, these things have been found in
        connection with people and dogs involved in dog fighting. It seems to
        me that she is trying to help police bust dog-fighting rings, which, in
        my book, is admirable.

        Do you have any idea what her background is or how much experience she
        has at busting dog-fighting rings? I would be glad to contact her
        personally, and find out. I think it would be nice if you found out
        exactly what qualifications and experience a person has before you call
        them an "idiot."

        You mentioned that you do rescue. Do you have also have experience in
        busting dog-fighting rings? And, if so, what have you found to be
        indications that a person is involved in dog fighting?

        The HSUS employs over 100 people, many of whom have advanced educations
        and years of experience working with and for the cause of animals. For
        you to make sweeping statements regarding their intelligence levels is
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