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Re: [The REAL PETA] HSUS * Psycho Pet Sanctuary Inflicts Horrors on Innocent Animals

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    With any organazation you will find slackers, cheats, theives, & dishonest people in any organazation. Remeber those working for peta killing animals right
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2006
      With any organazation you will find slackers, cheats,
      theives, & dishonest people in any organazation.
      Remeber those working for peta killing animals right
      after picking them up and got caught throwing the dead
      animals in a store dumpster? What about the 1,000
      being put to death in the PETA runned shelters? Before
      jumping up and down yelling foul play lets waitto see
      the outcome of the investigation.

      --- defend_peta <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > CASE
      > September 8, 2006
      > Go to http://tinyurl.com/k5uny to read online
      > Go to http://tinyurl.com/ekhpr to protect animals
      > The first thing they noticed was the stench. Then
      > members of The
      > HSUS, Idaho Humane Society and Bonner County
      > Sheriff's Department saw
      > dead cats on the grounds of the Voice of the Animals
      > Sanctuary in
      > rural Blanchard, Idaho.
      > The Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant
      > for animal cruelty
      > on Sept. 6, at the sanctuary operated by Edwin J.
      > Criswell and Cheryl
      > L. Perkins. By the time all of the animals had been
      > accounted for,
      > more than 400 cats, and a number of dogs, goats and
      > chickens had been
      > found, many in extremely poor health.
      > Animal hoarding is not just a problem in Idaho. HSUS
      > staff members
      > detect a rise in such cases nationwide. Last
      > November, The HSUS
      > assisted with one of the largest hoarding cases in
      > Arkansas,
      > involving nearly 500 dogs. The Arkansas facility was
      > also a purported
      > sanctuary.
      > The animals were housed in and around nine
      > dilapidated mobile homes
      > on the property. Inside the trailers, the walls were
      > soaked in urine
      > and the floors caked with feces and filth.
      > Veterinarian and IHS
      > Executive Director Jeff Rosenthal described the cats
      > as all
      > being "infested with fleas and ear mites. The
      > majority were also in
      > an emaciated state and suffered with upper
      > respiratory illnesses,
      > chronic diarrhea and abscesses," among other
      > ailments. A veterinary
      > team is still in the process of examining the
      > animals and assessing
      > their conditions.
      > The cats were surrendered by the sanctuary owners to
      > IHS and removed
      > to a temporary shelter that The HSUS is operating
      > nearby. "We'll care
      > for the animals as long as needed," said HSUS's Inga
      > Gibson, who
      > assisted with the rescue as a member of the HSUS
      > disaster services
      > strike team. The team included a veterinarian and
      > staff from Florida,
      > Maryland and HSUS's West Coast
      > (http://tinyurl.com/knhns) and
      > Northern Rockies (http://tinyurl.com/hkdl8) regional
      > offices. "Once
      > they are well enough," Gibson said, "cats will be
      > transferred to area
      > animal shelters for adoption."
      > • Idaho is one of only eight states that do not have
      > felony level
      > cruelty laws.
      > • Misdemeanors are generally only recorded within a
      > county, making it
      > difficult for law enforcement to track and monitor
      > misdemeanor
      > offenders. With a nearly 100 percent recidivism rate
      > for animal
      > hoarders, consistent monitoring and intervention are
      > crucial. Animal
      > hoarders often move to another county or state and
      > start collecting
      > animals again.
      > • Felony level penalties give law enforcement and
      > animal control
      > officials the tools and incentive to investigate
      > such cases, expedite
      > procedures, and allow for the tracking and
      > monitoring of offenders.
      > • Felony level penalties may include fines,
      > counseling referrals and
      > intervention, impoundment of animals, and
      > prohibitions on future
      > ownership of animals, all of which are vital in
      > deterring recidivism.
      > • In less than six months, Idaho has seen two of the
      > largest animal
      > hoarding (http://tinyurl.com/emp3f) cases in state
      > history. In April
      > 2006, 323 cats were rescued from a hoarder in Twin
      > Falls.
      > Criswell and Perkins have been charged with 21
      > counts each of neglect
      > and cruelty to animals, charges that could result in
      > a $300 fine
      > and/or up to six months in jail per count. The HSUS
      > and IHS are
      > working with the Bonner County Sheriff's Department
      > and the
      > prosecuting attorney to document the case.
      > Gibson described the case as typical of animal
      > hoarding, a phenomenon
      > in which people take in more animals than they are
      > capable of caring
      > for properly, endangering their own health as well
      > as that of the
      > animals in their charge. Hoarding has been linked to
      > mental
      > illness. "The defendants in such cases need
      > psychological
      > intervention," Gibson said, "as well as ongoing
      > monitoring, as
      > recidivism is extremely high among animal hoarders."
      > "Owners need to beware," Gibson cautioned.
      > "Unsuspecting owners gave
      > their cats to Voice of the Animals thinking it was a
      > sanctuary.
      > Surrendering a pet should always be a last resort.
      > But if someone
      > must do so, he or she should carefully investigate
      > where the pet will
      > go."
      > The HSUS and IHS thanked the following agencies,
      > which were vital to
      > the rescue operation: Spokane Humane Society,
      > SpokAnimal, Spokane
      > County Regional Animal Protective Services, and
      > Lewis Clark Animal
      > Shelter in Lewiston, Idaho. Because of this
      > collaborative effort, the
      > cats have a chance at a better life.
      > "That's the silver lining of these cases," says
      > Gibson. "Even though
      > the animals have endured horrendous conditions, we
      > can now place them
      > in the loving homes they deserve."

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