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O/T: Katrina Groups for Help and Support

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  • Barb
    {{{{ Please Crosspost to your groups, friends, and family }}}} Groups strictly regarding the victims of Katrina, human & animal. katrinaopenrooms · Katrina
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2005
      {{{{ Please Crosspost to your groups, friends, and family }}}}

      Groups strictly regarding the victims of Katrina, human & animal.

      katrinaopenrooms · Katrina Open Rooms
      This group is dedicated to matching up those displaced from hurricane Katrina to people who have empty rooms where they can stay, at least temporarily.
      Send emails to the group to announce or request space. Coordinate locations via private emails. Add your information to the database if you have space and can help.

      KatrinaAnimalHelp · Katrina Animal Help
      The purpose of this group is to serve as a network for animal rescues, foster homes, tranporters, shelters, Katrina victims trying to find their pets, and animal lovers who wish to help these innocent victims.
      You DO NOT need to join this group in order to post messages here.
      Anyone can post but please keep your messages to the subject of helping the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.

      Katrina-Pet-Rescue-info · Katrina-Rescue-info
      This is a place to POST and SWAP and SHARE information.
      Anything that will help the animals and the groups that are trying to help the animals....pets affected by Hurricane Katrina
      PLEASE make sure your subject line is meaningful, to the content in the message, to make this an easy list to navigate and read.

      houston_pet_care_volunteers · Houston Pet Care Volunteers
      This group was formed on 8/30/05 to help evacuees with pets who have come to Houston to escape hurricane Katrina and the devastating aftermath.
      This list is for evacuees who have pet care needs as well as volunteers who are willing to assist by allowing pets into their homes temporarily or by doing hotel pet visits.
      This forum is also open to hotel staff or anyone else who is trying to help with pet related dilemmas due to the hurricane.

      Hurricane_Katrina_Help · Hurricane Katrina Survivor Locator Group
      This group is being started to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina let friends/family members know of their location and to allow friends/family members to search for missing loved ones. It also comprises a database that people can search. Hopefully, this will provide a centralized list that will be of benefit.

      hurricane_katrina_survivors · Survivors Of Hurricane Katrina
      This group was created to help the people who were among the evacuees and survivors of Hurricane Katrina find their loved ones.
      Need help finding a loved one? Please call the Red Cross. 1-866-GET-INFO (1-866-438-4636)
      You do not need to join in order to post messages here.

      cothconvoy · COTH_Katrina_HorseConvoy
      This group is for members of the Chronicle of the Horse online forum who will be convoying to provide supplies and rescue to horses in areas afflicted by Hurricane Katrina.

      katrinahelpline · Hurricane Katrina Help Group
      The Hurricane Katrina Help Group has been formed to assist Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama residence with locating Contractors, Survival Items such a Generators and Food Resources along with assistance on how to obtain FEMA Relief funds that may be available due to the disaster following Hurricane Katrina. Please join us if you are in need of assistance or know someone who is and we will do our best to offer you the best information/resource/contacts that we have access to.

      katrina_survivors · Katrina Survivors Message Board
      A community disaster service for family and survivors of Hurricane Katrina in Southeast USA August 2005 . A Message board for persons affected ,offers of support, relocation, family reunions, lost and missing persons,finding relatives. A basic point of communications for family, friends, and survivors of Hurricane Katrina August 29 2005.
      Please use discretion, and treat this board as an emergency means of alternative communications. Use Database Link to organize location and need . Make new ones as needed. Use Keywords ,Family Name, City, State etc.
      in Subject Header to facilitate those scanning emails .

      katrinarelief · Katrina relief and relocation
      This group is intended to help facilitate temporary housing for those displaced from their homes due to Hurricane Katrina. We want to thank those families that are welcoming into their homes the victims of hurricane Katrina.

      DIVIDED_WE_STAND · Apart But Standing Strong!
      This group is for those that are searching for their love ones due to the tradegy of Hurricane Katrina. You are welcome to post ads and messages for your love ones missing.

      katrina-refugees · Katrina Refugees
      This is a clearinghouse for any and all information relating to refugees from Hurricane Katrina. Get in touch with other refugees, extend offers of help, advertise needs.

      katrinasmissing · Hurricane Katrina
      Please post your information if you are looking for someone who is missing.
      Someone may be looking for you, tell them you're OK, or how to contact you.
      If you have any information that you think may help with the Hurricane victims, post it here.

      NO-Katrina · Hurricane Katrina Support
      Post information about missing relatives, offer support, and advice.
      Please use this board to donate to victims, provide resources, job listings, charity information, and pass along other helpful information regarding assistance and support.

      KatrinaHurricane · Hurricane Katrina
      This is a group for victims, and deplaced people to help find there loved ones, pets, co-workers and relatives, that are lost, and displaced because of Hurricane Katrina.. Also, a place to put photos from the aftermath, and photos of missing loved ones

      hurricanefriendfamilyfinder · Hurricane Katrina Family/Friend Finder
      This group, hopefully will reconnect family and friends displaced by Hurricane Katrina.The purpose is to update people affected and those worried about others.

      KatrinaAid · Hurricane Katrina Aid & Support
      The purpose of this group is to provide information and updates on the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, and to offer a place where those who can offer relief can be matched up with those who need it.
      We will be looking for needed supplies donations, offers of assistance or shelter, messages and resources for locating family members. Please join and post your offers and ideas for helping or sources for more information.

      KatrinaHitHard · Katrina Support
      This group is open to anyone in the gulf coast needing help or willing to pass on any help in making contact with loved ones in the damage zone of hurricane katrina

      findfamilyfromkatrina · Find Family & Friends/Hurricane Katrina
      This is a message board for people looking for information on families and friends they've lost contact with in the disaster of Hurricane Katrina. A place to put messages and help people reconnect who may not be able to get thru on phone lines.

      NewOrleans-refugee-info · New Orleans LA Katrina Refugee info
      This group, formed August 30, 2005, is intended to help refugees of Hurricane Katrina learn about current conditions of specific neighborhoods, and lost or missing loved ones and friends. Please look here, share reports of current conditions, ask about certain areas of New Orleans, get and give any information you might have.

      KatrinaReliefHouston · Houston's Katrina Relief Group
      Hurricane Katrina has sent many thousands of evacuaees to the Houston Metro area. We want to welcome them to Houston and help with needed items. Major relief organizations are the best way get emergency help, but sometimes, a little extra help is needed when the demands are so great. KRH can only help those refugees in the Houston Metro area.

      Animal Wish List
      This is a group where pet owners, rescuers, organizations, and animal loving individuals can come to post messages about the items, supplies, volunteer work, and/or funds they need help with in caring for animals. If you can fulfill any animal wish list, please do so to help the animals.

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