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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      I asked them permission
      > to forward the information it contained and they
      > said go for it. I asked them what year the
      > information was taken and she told me to her best
      > knowledge it was 97'. Here it is :
      > Animal Rights?.......WRONG!
      > For the amount of money raised and spent by U.S.
      > animal rights groups
      > every animal in America ought to have its own
      > condominium.
      > Why then, do more than 15 million pets a year end up
      > in under funded local humane shelters with
      > overworked staff who are frustrated that they cannot
      > even adequately feed and care for them?
      > Animal rights activists cannot blame researchers,
      > hunters, circus owners, meat-eaters, fur-and
      > leather-wearers, breeders, fishermen or zoo keepers
      > for the sorry condition of shelter animals. It is
      > the animal rights movement which has turned its back
      > on the suffering of these animals.
      > But the animal rights agenda goes far beyond the
      > narrow issues. Animal rights groups such as PETA
      > (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) want a
      > nation-wide ban on fishing, for example, and an end
      > to all meat eating, which they consider cruel.
      > Opposing hunting is just a way to get a foot in the
      > door. PETA is so committed to the rights of animals
      > that it even advocates an end to keeping dogs and
      > cats as pets.
      > The animal rights movement's main goal is not, and
      > never has been, to save or help animals.
      > Its mission is to market its philosophy and
      > lifestyle to the American public. Shelter animals
      > are sacrificed in the short-term so that animal
      > rights groups can gain the money, power and
      > influence needed to sell their view in the
      > long-term.
      > ARA Tactics :
      > ARA (Animal Rights Activists) propaganda routinely
      > makes fictitious claims, in order to win support,
      > and of course money, from people who have no access
      > to other information. They utilize terrorism to
      > propagate their narrow, ignorant views as fact to
      > uninformed members of the public in order to achieve
      > their goals.
      > The Department of Justice says there have been more
      > than 313 instances of animal-rights violence in the
      > United States.
      > The A.L.F.(Animal Liberation Front), which has
      > caused tens of millions of dollars in damage to U.S.
      > research labs, factory farms and fur farms in 15
      > years of existence, has been branded a "terrorist"
      > organization by the justice department and the FBI.
      > Alex Pacheco, chairman of PETA, told The New York
      > Times,
      > 'Arson, property destruction, burglary and theft are
      > 'acceptable crimes' when used for the animal cause.'
      > Rodney Coronado, a member of the Animal Liberation
      > Front, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 57 months
      > in prison for the destruction of an animal
      > diagnostics research lab at the University of
      > California, Davis in April, 1987 (total damage
      > estimates: $4.5 million).
      > PETA sent $ 45,200 to Coronado's 'support
      > committee,' which was a sum 15 times greater than
      > what PETA spent on animal shelters nationwide in all
      > of that year.
      > This is what happens when social movements
      > self-righteously believe they are so obviously
      > correct that they may break the law with impunity
      > and attack indiscriminately both persons and
      > property who get in their way.
      > ARA taking care of themselves, not animals :
      > PETA :
      > Eleven million animals are destroyed annually for
      > lack of facilities. Yet PETA spent less than $ 3,955
      > of its $ 12 million in fiscal 1995 and $ 6,100 of
      > its $ 10.9 million in fiscal 1996 for shelter
      > programs, according to its nonprofit tax forms filed
      > with the IRS.
      > So what has PETA done to help these homeless, hungry
      > and sick animals and others that suffer and die in
      > shelters each year? According to its FY 1995 tax
      > documents, next to nothing.
      > Less than $5,000, or .03%, of PETA's $13.4 million
      > budget was allocated to shelter or spay and neuter
      > programs in the U.S.
      > 90% of the $1,485,076 PETA donated, or $1.3 million,
      > went to itself-that is, PETA's satellite offices in
      > Germany, The Netherlands, and England. Next to
      > PETA's overseas offices, the next largest donation,
      > $45,200, was sent to animal rights terrorist Rodney
      > Coronado to help him avoid going to jail for fire
      > bombing medical research facilities. Coronado is now
      > serving a 57 month jail sentence.
      > The Humane Society :
      > HS, for its part, raises and spends close to $50
      > million, enough to bank roll at least one well-run
      > animal shelter in every state and have enough left
      > over to spay, neuter, feed and save the lives of
      > tens of thousands of dogs and cats every year. So
      > how many HS-run animal shelters benefit from the HS
      > budget? ......None.
      > The Humane Society does not operate a single
      > shelter, despite a $ 40 million budget.
      > Yet ...
      > The HS managed to pinch enough of its precious
      > pennies to pay its president, Paul Irwin, $237,831
      > and its chief executive officer, John Hoyt, $209,051
      > in addition to providing tens of thousands of
      > dollars in bonuses to the pair.
      > These figures alone should be enough to convince you
      > that your time and money would be better spent
      > elsewhere.
      > ARA and medical research :
      > Would you be willing to sacrifice your child's life
      > so a rat may live?
      > That is what the ARA are asking of you. Without
      > animal research, life saving treatments and vaccines
      > for everything from diabetes to polio would not
      > exist. Most Americans support and benefit from
      > medical research involving animals. In the United
      > States all drugs must be tested in animals before
      > being tested by human beings. Typically, animal
      > rights activists are often ignorant of even basic
      > scientific and medical concepts.
      > Animal research has provided
      > a.. 50,000,000 prescriptions for antibiotics
      > b.. 30,000,000 prescriptions for asthma
      > c.. 3,000,000 operations under local or general
      > anaesthetics
      > d.. 180,000 diabetics kept alive with insulin
      > e.. 90,000 cataract operations
      > f.. 60,000 joint operations
      > g.. 15,000 coronary bypasses
      > h.. 10,000 pacemakers implanted
      > i.. 6,000 heart valve repairs or replacements
      > j.. 4,000 congenital heart defects corrected
      > k.. 2,500 corneal transplants
      > l.. 2,000 kidney transplants
      > m.. 400 heart or heart/lung transplants
      > ARA says "Most animals used in research are cats,
      > dogs or monkeys."....Not true!
      > The real figures are:
      > a.. Rats and mice 83%
      > b.. Fish , birds and reptiles 12%
      > c.. Other small mammals 3%
      > d.. Large mammals (cows, etc.) 1.3%
      > e.. Dogs and cats 0.4%
      > f.. Primates 0.2%
      > * NOTE.....Animal Welfare is not the same as Animal
      > Rights. Animal Welfare provides information for
      > improved animal care and use in many fields. Animal
      > Welfare's goal is the improvement of the standard of
      > living of ALL animals, no matter their purpose.
      > Animal Welfare is also of value to legislative and
      > regulatory authorities and other organizations
      > responsible for the welfare of animals. Animal
      > Welfare does not support/condone the beliefs or
      > tactics of the ARA.
      > I have an acquaintance who is a member of PETA who
      > told me very knowledgabely that did I know dairy
      > cows and goats are hooked up to milking machines and
      > milked 24/7 ? She told me they were just milk to
      > death and only lived a short time. I asked her if
      > she knew the cost of a dairy cow she would know that
      > isn't true as no farmer could afford to replace a
      > good dairy cow every 6 months. I told her it was
      > not possible to milk 24/7 and she better visit a
      > dairy to get first hand knowledge. this is they
      > type of mentality those people have. They take the
      > word of others in the organization without doing
      > thier own research.
      > Stephanie

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