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Re: Urgent - Emails Needed ASAP- PA puppy miller Daniel Esh wants new barn for dogs

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  • gcarrolls
    You Jackass don t you understand? If he builds a barn he can keep the puppies inside so that not in rabbit hutches outside . You want him to leave the puppies
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 13, 2005
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      You Jackass don't you understand? If he builds a barn he can keep the
      puppies inside so that not in "rabbit hutches outside". You want him
      to leave the puppies outside?

      > URGENT: Daniel P. Esh seeks approval from Leacock Township Zoning
      Board to
      > build another barn for dogs. Esh never gives up - we can't either!
      > WHO: Infamous puppy miller Daniel P. Esh
      > Clearview Kennels
      > 68 Clearview Road
      > Ronks, PA 17572
      > WHAT: Esh is seeking approval from Township officials to build a
      bigger barn for dogs. He already confines hundreds of dogs in rabbit-
      hutch type cages in and behind his old, dilapidated barn.
      > WHEN: Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 7:00 PM. If you live in the area,
      please plan to attend this zoning meeting.
      > WHERE: Leacock Township Municipal Building
      > 3545 West Newport Road
      > Intercourse, PA 17534
      > Telephone: 717-768-8585
      > Fax: 717-768-8471
      > WHY: Esh, as many of you already know, is a REPEAT OFFENDER who
      for decades
      > has been in trouble with the USDA, PA State and local authorities.
      Esh has violated Federal, State and local animal statutes as
      bureaucrats continue to
      > look the other way. Esh has been sued by the PA Attorney General;
      sued by Leacock Township; cited by the USDA; cited by the PA Bureau
      of Dog Law for violating its laws and found guilty of violations in
      municipal court.
      > In June 2003, Esh surrendered his USDA license claiming he no
      longer wholesales (we don't believe it!). During routine and follow-
      up inspections,
      > the USDA inspector consistently cited Esh for violations - many of
      them repeat non-compliant items. Now, Esh is only inspected by two
      > County dog wardens who rarely, if ever, find anything wrong at
      Clearview Kennels. How can this be? The Leacock Township zoning
      ordinance allows a
      > maximum of 250 dogs per kennel yet Esh has over 600 dogs at any
      given time. Why? To add insult to injury, Esh is selling puppies over
      the Internet with
      > the help of a friend. How can Leacock Township and the State allow
      this to continue? Why is Esh running the show? Ask them. Demand
      answers. Demand an
      > end to this decades-long animal abuse and blatant violation of laws.
      > (For a complete timeline (Word Document) of Esh's violations, send
      an email
      > to: info@n... (njcapsa.org)
      > E-mail Leacock Township zoning officer, board members and
      supervisors today and urge them to deny Esh's latest application for
      a new barn. If you like, use facts from above in your e-mails. The
      meeting is a week from today. Get your emails and faxes in before
      Monday, November 15th. Please be polite and respectful.
      > Zoning Officer: Wilmer Hall
      > E-mail: staff@l... (leacocktwp.com)
      > Zoning Hearing Board Members:
      > Michael Sensenig, Donald Eby, Richard Bomberger, Donald R. Ranck
      > E-mail: staff@l... (leacocktwp.com)
      > Township Board of Supervisors:
      > Robert Alexander, James Zimmerman, Frank Howe, Jeff Martin, Kurt
      > E-mail: staff@l... (leacocktwp.com)
      > Township Secretary: Frank Howe
      > E-mail: fehowe@l... (leacocktwp.com)
      > Be sure to copy your e-mails to the following, especially the
      > Lancaster County Commissioners (New Address):
      > Dick Shellenberger, Howard Shaub Molly Henderson
      > E-mail: McCueA@c... (co.lancaster.pa.us)
      > PA Secretary of Agriculture:
      > Dennis Wolff
      > E-mail: dwolff@s... (state.pa.uS)
      > Edward Rendell
      > E-mail: governor@s... (state.pa.us)
      > Lancaster Tourism Board:
      > Wendy Nagle, President of PA Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau
      > E-mail: wnagle@p... (padutchcountry.com)
      > Lancaster Tourism Board:
      > E-mail: info@p... (padutchcountry.com)
      > Toll-free: 1-800-PA Dutch (1-800-723-8824)
      > Thanks, as always, for your e-mails, letters and faxes.
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