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LETTER/Justice For Dog Shot Through The Heart

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  • Rita Fazio
    Everyone, please take a moment and write a letter for Shadow. This poor dog didn t have a chance, because the murderer has a problem with dogs! Please help
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2003
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      Everyone, please take a moment and write a letter for Shadow. This poor dog didn't have a chance, because the murderer "has a problem with dogs!" Please help to make sure he is punished to the full extent of the law, because if he isn't, he will kill again!

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      11/3/03--Justice For Dog Shot Through The Heart
      1 letter

      Madeline Davis, Vegmad @ aol.com (remove spaces)
      Joanne Bourbeau, New England Regional Director, HSUS
      Sherry, New England division of HSUS:
      cvhs @ vtlink.net (remove spaces)

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      website for Shadow: http://justiceforshadow.free-host.com /
      A fund has been established to help with the investigation/prosecution of Shadow's killer.

      Letters To The Editor:
      timesargus @ aol.com (remove spaces)

      editor @ vt-world.com (remove spaces)

      =====SAMPLE LETTER=====

      Attorney General William Sorrell (D-VT)
      109 State Street; Montpelier, VT 05609-1001
      ph: 802-828-3171; fax: 802-828-2154;
      email: aginfo @ atg.state.vt.us (remove spaces)
      website: www.state.vt.us/atg/

      CC: Terry Trono, Washington County State's Attorney
      255 N. Main St.; Barre, VT 05641
      ph: 802-479-4220; fax: 802-479-4408;
      email: ttrono @ sas.state.vt.us (remove spaces)

      Dear Attorney General Sorrell,

      I write to ask for your intervention in the case of Lewis Dustin, a man who admitted to the brutal and senseless shooting of an Annapolis couple's beloved dog Shadow. In an appalling miscarriage of justice, State Attorney Terry Trono has plea-bargained misdemeanor charges. Please assume responsibility for this case immediately.

      On July 19, 2003, Shadow joined his guardians Denis and Sarah Scheele for a celebration in Northfield, VT. While playing a mere five feet away from his family, Shadow suddenly began to gasp for air and cry in agony. Sarah clutched the bleeding dog in her arms as Denis raced toward a veterinary hospital. Shadow did not survive the drive. The little dog died in Sarah's lap.

      Dustin shot a bullet through Shadow's heart because "I have a problem with dogs." Clearly, this callous crime should be prosecuted under Vermont's animal cruelty felony law. Instead, Trono has plea-bargained the case to assure its hasty resolve. Another attorney has been retained to prosecute the case, but Trono continues to reject all offers.

      I respectfully ask you to let Jeff Lively, Esq. be deputized to expedite the rigorous prosecution of Dustin. A responsible attorney would undoubtedly seek maximum penalties under Vermont's felony cruelty law. Dustin should be ordered to complete a course in anger management and prohibited from contact with animals in any context. In addition, he ought to be charged with reckless endangerment for firing a high-powered, scope-equipped pellet gun. Only luck or a killer's expert aim prevented him from gunning down a person.

      Please consider the universally recognized link between cruelty to animals and violent behavior toward humans. Animal cruelty is a key trait in the American Psychiatric Association's profile for conduct disorders and the FBI identifies animal abuse as a stage along the violence continuum.

      Jeffery Dahmer practiced murder by staking cats to trees and beheading dogs. He later stashed the dissected parts of young men in his refrigerator. Carroll Edward Cole's killing spree began with the strangulation of a puppy. He was executed in 1985 for an alleged 35 murders. "Boston Strangler" Albert DeSalvo shot arrows into the flesh of trapped dogs and cats. Indeed, a mere sampling of police case files reflects the animal-to-human progression.

      I call upon you to establish a no-tolerance policy for malicious acts against animals. If the State Attorney's office will not prosecute this case as a felony, please allow attorney Jeff Lively to intercede. Lewis Dustin belongs behind bars--not free to victimize more animals or humans.

      Thank you,
      Your name and address.

      Rita Fazio,

      Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS)
      International Aid for Korean Animals (IAKA)

      Don't turn your back upon their pain, because it's hard to see.They have no other place to turn, They've only you and me.

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