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  • Rita Fazio
    ... From: Info @ KinshipCircle.org (remove spaces) Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2003 9:38 AM Subject: Kinship Circle CORRECTION/Florida Boy Feeds Companion Cat
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      From: Info @ KinshipCircle.org (remove spaces)
      Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2003 9:38 AM
      Subject: Kinship Circle CORRECTION/Florida Boy Feeds Companion Cat ToAlligator


      5/28/03--Florida Boy Feeds Companion Cat To Alligator
      1 letter

      Deborah A. DiPalma, careforwildlife @ rcn.com (remove spaces)

      Teen Charged With Feeding Cat to Gator
      Sun May 18, AP - Feature Stories to My Yahoo!

      Teen who fed cat for gator could face five years in prison, By CHARLES RUNNELLS, crunnells@...

      *DISCLAIMER: The information in these letters is verified with the original source. I cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information or for the consequences of its use.

      MODERATOR'S NOTE: Many of you are familiar with a recent news story circulating the AR lists, about Andrew Castor, 14, who stole his neighbor's beloved cat and tossed him into a canal to feed an alligator. No alerts have offered contact information--and for good reason. The court system in Florida is profoundly confusing.

      While the incident occurred in Fort Myers, Castor is being held in Lee County Juvenile Court. News stories claim that the STATE Attorney's Office has not yet decided whether Castor will be prosecuted as a minor or adult. The first alert, based on research, asked you to send letters to the State Attorney of Florida asking that Castor be prosecuted as an adult. As some of you who sent letters have learned, the Attorney General's office in Tallahassee was NOT the correct contact. As mentioned in the first alert, we have continued to search for the correct office and believe the addresses below are correct.

      =============SAMPLE LETTER==============

      Lee County Justice Center
      1700 Monroe Street
      Fort Myers, Fl 33902
      ph: 941-335-2700; fax: 941-335-2787

      Randall B. McGruther
      Chief Assistant State Attorney
      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 399
      Fort Myers, Fl 33902

      Chief Assistant State Attorney McGruther:

      I write to respectfully request that the State Attorney's Office proceed with felony cruelty to animal charges for Andrew J. Castor, 14, the boy who stole a 12-year-old cat (Homeboy) from a neighbor's front yard, shoved him inside a book bag, and then tossed the terrified animal into a canal to feed an alligator.

      I understand that Castor is being held at the Lee County Juvenile Detention Center and that the State Attorney's Office has not determined whether he will be prosecuted as an adult or minor.
      Please try Castor as an adult and seek the maximum five-year jail sentence and $10,000 fine. I also encourage you to specify mandatory psychological counseling and to see that Castor is prohibited from contact with animals, under any circumstances.

      It is difficult to imagine the chilling logic behind Castor's actions. The boy confessed to kicking the beloved companion cat of Cari Taich, 16, in the stomach before hurling him toward the gator. After initially lying about his culpability, Castor seemed confused by his violent behavior.

      Columbine High School shooter Eric Harris did not know why he smashed the heads of mice and set them on fire. Harris--like the other young males responsible for a surge of high-profile shootings in Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oregon and Colorado--had no prior offenses. All, however, tortured animals before aiming their guns at students, teachers or parents.

      "Animal cruelty may be one of the first signals you're going to see as a warning of future aggressive behavior," psychologist Mary Lou Randour asserts. Castor exhibited extreme disregard for life. Adolescent pranks that victimize animals are clearly a precursor to later violence. In particular, young males with a history of parental neglect or abuse may vent feelings of powerlessness and rage upon innocent animals--before graduating to humans.

      In the study "Childhood Cruelty Toward Animals Among Criminals and Noncriminals," 25% of aggressive criminals confessed to five or more acts of animal torture. Please do not let Andrew Castor become another statistic. I urge you to prosecute him as an adult with third-degree felony charges for his involvement in the cruel death and excessive infliction of pain and suffering.

      Sadistic acts of cruelty are not age-sensitive. At the very least Castor requires extensive probation with behavioral rehabilitation and some jail time. Thank you for instituting a no-tolerance policy for malicious acts against animals.

      Rita Fazio,
      Media Liaison, Sirius
      Global Animal Org. Charitable Trust. http://sirius.2kat.net

      "The time will come when men such as I will look upon
      the murder of animals as now they look upon the murder
      of men. - Leonardo da Vinci "

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