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12137Keep Our Pets Safe During Disasters

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  • Robyn
    Jan 4, 2005
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      Some of you may already know of the online petition I started last
      summer titled "Keep Pets Safe During Disasters," which asks that the
      American Red Cross accept pets into shelters (along with their human
      caretakers) when disasters strike.

      The end date for the petition is January 30th and I wanted to make
      this post to remind anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to sign to
      please take a moment and lend your support with your signature. The
      signature total is presently almost 20,000 and I hope to break that
      by the end of the month. Anyone wishing to sign can go to:


      At the end of the month I will approach the President of the American
      Red Cross in Washington, D.C. with the petition and ask that the Pet
      Safe Program (mentioned on the petition page) be adopted by chapters
      across the country.

      Thank you very much, and please help spread the word!!