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Re: Cheerleading, alpha-reading, beta-reading

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  • felicius21
    Hi everyone Following on from the discussion earlier this month, and the generous offers from members to beta or cheer, we thought we d try to take this a step
    Message 1 of 17 , Feb 2, 2010
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      Hi everyone

      Following on from the discussion earlier this month, and the generous offers from members to beta or cheer, we thought we'd try to take this a step further. We've set up a few folders under the File and Link sections in the group as a way of bringing volunteers and authors together.

      There is now a new Alpha Readers folder (Files section) for the inner expert in all of us, a place to brag about all your hidden, or not so hidden, skills. If there is a topic that you can give others advice on, post a profile in the folder. There is a template already posted in the folder to give you an idea of what to say. It can be any topic at all. The more varied the better. And having a panel of experts is no bad thing either. If nothing else, it'll be fun getting to know everyone that little bit better.

      Equally, if you're writing something new, but you're not sure if it rings true, have a look in the folder or post a request.

      I, for one, confess to knowing more about European tax than I ever thought I would. I shall prepare myself for the deluge of requests for that one. :)

      There is also a Beta Readers folder (Files section) for anyone able to spot a missing comma at a thousand paces to volunteer his or her services. It's open to everyone, so please do add your own profile. Authors can use the same folder to post a request for a beta.

      We also have a couple of links to beta directories in the Beta Directories folder (Links section).

      Finally, we're starting our very own TPP Cheer Squad!

      The sign-up sheet is in the aptly named TPP Cheer Squad Folder (Files Section). Membership is open to anyone who loves reading and is willing to cheer on others when their Muse has run off with the milkman. If you live by the rule: eat; sleep; cheer, please sign up!

      Just to make it even more fun, we will be getting some icons for the squad members, something to display with pride.

      That being said, any talented artist willing to help out and design one (or three) icons for us, we will be eternally grateful. Just reply here or send a PM to the above address.

      The authors haven't been forgotten either. If you've run out of steam or you think you've taken a wrong turning somewhere, just post a request to the folder. A cheerleader is sure to knock on your door, pom-poms and megaphone in hand. :D

      All the folders mentioned above already contain a template and some instructions, so you'll always have an idea of the things to tell us about yourself.

      Once you've added a file to the folders, remember to email the group, telling us where you've posted, so we can all wander over and have a look.


      --- In thepetulantpoetess@yahoogroups.com, karelia <ladyinthecloak@...> wrote:
      > So, if you only read fics and don't feel you want to or can write any
      > yourself but want to do something more than just read, consider becoming an
      > alpha reader or cheerleader to someone whose writing you like. If you have
      > any specific knowledge, do say so, because there's bound to be one of us who
      > would love to write about it and only don't do so because we don't know
      > enough about the subject.
      > /soapbox
      > karelia
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