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re "difficulty" re "maya," duality/non-duality, and . . .

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  • Mauri
    from Gerald:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2002
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      from Gerald:<< Most Theosophists are of the opinion
      that maya is simply sensory illusion as taught in modern
      science classes. I have been trying to show that is it much
      more than this, but only a few seem to understand.>>

      Somebody: <<It is a very difficult idea to get.>>

      One might wonder if one has got it, or wonder what one
      "thinks" one has got, and what one "thinks" one hasn't
      got . . . after (or before . . .) sorting out something or
      other about what one's "thinking" "is" "in relation to"
      "maya" . . . after (or before . . .) sorting out something or
      other about . . whatever that's seen as "relevant" . . .

      My speculative explanation about "maya" (ie, complete
      with 3 dots at the end of it!): "Maya" might be
      some kind of dualistic/exoteric "explanation" ("version")
      that manas (or some manasians . . . ?) might be inclined
      to "adopt" as a result of what might seem like a fairly
      straightforward comparativeness: ie, those of us who feel
      that they have a handle on the "basic meaning" of
      "duality," as a unific/mainstream "basic premise,"
      might go on to feel that "maya" is (obviously enough?)
      dualisticity with respect to non-dualisticity (at whatever
      level of dual/non-dual "h/Higher b/Being ". . .) . . . Or
      did I over- or underlook something . . . And should I
      mention the "maya that's, itself, mayavic" . . .

      This kind of speculation reminds me about a dream I had
      last night. In this dream, I was in a large cave , and saw
      at least two people sitting crosslegged high up on the very
      edges of small ledges in the cave, and a third person (if I
      remember right) was sitting corsslegged in what seemed
      (?) like a suspended, small, plain basket (somewhat like
      the kind that flower pots are decoratively suspended
      from). But what was remarkable about those three was
      that I had the impression that they were covered in the
      dust of the cave, as if they had been in those positions for
      many, many years, without moving a muscle, apparently.
      From my somewhat distant vantage point they appeared
      to be protectively wrapped up in a light tan-gray
      cloth-like material. They all seemed as if they were
      shockingly dead to duality, to the extent that it was
      almost as if they were corpses.

      To me, that dream dramatically displayed (thinking back
      on it) a kind of "likely left-over scenario" of those who
      have entered any substantially less dualistic reality.

      PS Seeing as the replies to my posts (other than from a
      few respondents) have been kind of few and far between,
      (generally speaking, apparently . . .) I have begun to
      wonder if there might be something in my posts that
      might (among other things . . . ?) tend to make some
      people somewhat squirrely-like, maybe . . . What brings
      that to mind? Well, I used to read some Wm. Faulkner
      many years ago, and I always felt kind of squirrely
      reading him. (Of course, if I were to read some Faulkner
      NOW, well . . .)

      Another PS, here, if I may: I'm wondering why it might
      be that the general theme of Theosophy seems, to me, to
      be so full of potential for a kind of combination of
      "deeper meaning" and funnies . . . I think I might be
      beginning to know how Victor Borge might've felt when
      he studied "serious," classical music . . .

      PPS This discussion originated on Theos-1
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